Thursday, 23rd December '04

As Qiong Says: "Woot!"

Heavens knows how that spasticated monsyllabic utterance above came to represent a feeling of happiness, but here's what you get.

Hm. I got an email from one of the administrative people working on the Student Exchange Programme selections. It was to tell me one of my tutors had not submitted my reference. I could look at this two ways: (a) I could panic because this means, well, that my application is incomplete. Dangnabbit. I'm really quite anxious now. (b) I could be rather pleased since that means that I'm through to the next round (they don't need references unless you're in the next round). That will also mean I didn't foul up my recent exams. I'll try to focus on the happier side until my tutor replies to my naggy emails.

Mich came back from Australia armed with loads of pictures of... um... crabs. Haha. We had fun looking at those. She's doing pretty well in the EDB scholarship applications, and I think she'll get it! It's nice to know my little cousin might do what I couldn't and get a paid-for education in the US. And yes, I'm jealous *pout*.

Qiong's coming hhhooooooommmmmmeeeeee!!

Tzo's coming for a vvvviiiiissssssiiiiitttttt!! We can retire J.D. for a bit.

Got my tickets for The Imperial Ice Star's Sleeping Beauty on Ice! And I'm watching it with wonderful friends, ZH and Tzo. Got Category 1 Tickets for student price! That's a $60 discount! Whee. I miss Limin though. Was surfing through my own old webpage and remembered how we watched Disney on Ice (Jungle Tales) together and drooled over Tarzan and fell over laughing at the irrestiable backstreet-vultures. I hope Babs is doing alright with her water shortage in Ayers Rock.

Chatting to Dage now... silly boy is stuck in front of his computer bidding for and Ipod Mini on ebay. Speaking of which, EBAY! HURRY AND DELIVER QIONG'S AND MY ROTK DVDS!

7-eleven is selling Pro-Yo IIs again! Strange, but true. Just when I've stocked up enough to last a lifetime (from Dave's Yoyos). Currently I have a Pro-Yo II, Pro-Yo II, Turbo Bumble Bee and Mini Cold Fusion (which is rather useless but oh-so-pretty and sleek).

Finally bought Gnet's present. Shaun, if you ever read this blog, I want Seal's Greatest Hits. Air Supply's Forever Love also can. I miss CD shopping, dammit.

Off to file the RnF Flag file. It will be out of my hand and out of my house tomorrow FOREVER!


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4 photographs developed.


Nice Design! cool eh?


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I got the card. wink


May life keep you in good health. Let rhythm pour forth from your fingers and love be your guide always. Merry Christmas! And Happy New year!!


yii no lah, i think i totally screwed up the last round sad But oh well there are other scholarships ... Merry Xmas btw!

This design is so chio.

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