Tuesday, 18th January '05

Precious Moments

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Sometimes I really do believe that some people are put on Earth to do good things for other people. Maybe they don't realise how powerful their effect on others can be - and it really doesn't matter whether they wanted to be good or not... the nice thing about that thought is that you'll never really know if you're one of those people... and when you might just chance upon one of those special people who brighten up your day for no apparent reason. You don't have to know the person to do something so special that you might make them happy, you don't even have to be on the same continent.

Here's my list of the little angels I've seen around town the past couple of months:

I never really thanked Liang for the yummy yummy muffins just a few days before the Property paper. I guess they took the edge of the mounting stress levels.

Billy Gilman is an absolute ANGEL in every sense of the word. His "Classic Christmas" album really melts the heart and his voice is AMAZING... if you've seen his "Warm and Fuzzy" MTV you'll know what I mean. A little kid of about 10 in a tuxedo who oozes such adult yet innocent charm, and he emotes each song in such a sensitive and mature way ("New Kid In Town" is an example where he sings about the nativity and you really do feel like he appreciates the meaning and the significance of Jesus' birth). I might just fall in love with him if it weren't against the law. And when he sings "Angels We Have Heard On High", it's awesome. He's a one-man Vienna Boys Choir, and you have to smile when he sings.

There's this customer service officer at Comfort Driving Centre at Ubi. She's another one who really looks like an angel... cute little Taiwanese-girl look... a voice that sounds like tinkling bells... she switches incredibly easily from speaking English to me to teaching her understudy in Mandarin, and then natters away in Hokkien to one of the driving instructors. And when she grins at you to tell you it's ok, she'll book your test date at a better slot and take the money from your account, you don't have to wait around all day, you'll just want to give her a hug.

There was this old grumpy Eurasion uncle on the MRT, and a middle-aged lady stood up to offer him her seat. He gruffly rejected the offer. But somewhere past the next station, he started to soften. He got a phone call and he picked up and spoke to someone on the other line... the conversation drifited to how angry he had been the whole of that day and how he suddenly felt so much better. He later walked over to the lady who had offered him the seat in the first place and thanked her for making his day so much better, and how she had restored his faith that there were still caring people around.

The best part is, you can always be sure that when you're down, you'll meet someone who'll make you feel better - you just have to wait and watch out for the little angels God put around for us to find. Sometimes He really does work in mysterious ways.

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