Thursday, 27th January '05


I'll explain the strange exclamation by simply saying I'm making a joyful noise unto the Lord. It's as good a reason as any, I think.

So since I made up my mind on a bunch of gloriously complicated (if I knew Cantonese I'd submit a few scripts for Zhen Qing, but unfortunately I don't), amazingly depressing, but interestingly amusing and evil-ish (muahahaha) affairs, I'm feeling pretty good. Moving on is not part of my equation yet, but I think I'm back to being comfortable where I am. Funnily enough, I have "Chariots of Fire" playing on the radio now, and I think it forms a rather appropriate soundtrack to this particular line of thoughts. Before it came "Owner of a Lonely Heart" and "Tell Her About It". Mmm. plain

Speaking of "Tell Her About It", I've been watching way too many downloaded episodes of [scrubs] lately. And for some reason the one joke that stuck in my head went a little something like this:

J.D.: Come on, Dr Cox, you have to let her in! Tell her about it! Tell her everything you feel!
Dr Cox: Well, nice one there, Newbie. Should I also give her every reason to accept that I'm for real?

Hilarious, I tell you. If you don't get it... nevermind. I'm an old fart at heart who still listens to Billy Joel.

Woot. (Another joyful noise, by the way.)

And you know me by now, when I have nothing better to blog about, but I feel a rush of verbosity coming, I like to count my blessings. Simply because He deserves some mad props for everything and in any event it makes me happy:

1. This business of being Dance Ensemble President isn't as thankless a job as it seems... I'm getting the production experience I've wanted since TFYE ended and I figured I had enough of acting for a while. It's time consuming sometimes, and a major damper on my wallet since the phone bills have become quite phenomenal, but I reason it's just for a while and it's a good experience. Have also met a lot of new people recently - nice people. It's also nice to know what's going on for a bit. Hehh. I tend to be sort of blur otherwise.

2. My school subjects are all quite interesting, albeit tedious. I never thought I would come to understand a crap about politics, least of all enjoy learning about it, but Public Law is fast changing that perspective. For the first time, I feel myself beginning to care a bit about the outcome of our happy little country, and I can even feel the opinions about the government slowly budding somewhere at the back of my head. And I feel like I've found a solution to Singapore's political apathy problem - all you really need to do is teach the people what it's all about. You can't care if you don't know what to care for.

3. The prospect of going to Dalhousie is getting more exciting already! Mum and Dad are talking of coming over for Christmas, and it'll be the first holiday they've had in 5 years. And this time I'll probably be able to look after them and not the other way around. It feels nice. And it's very comforting to know Vic will be around when I get there with her Pilot G1 refills. And the random dude who swears to call me FuFu when I reach - thanks Vic. *rolls eyes*

4. Guitar skills are improving slightly (probably at the expense of my readings, but we can't have it all). Ave managed to identify No Such Thing without me telling her - very gratifying, if shocking. big grin Comfortable is coming along at a good pace. Shall start on some Steven Curtis Chapman soon, and thanks to Chris for the introduction.

5. I've learnt to cherish the value of my friends. It's nice to know that in Law I've always got Jia and Liang and Mel to josh around with, and that no matter what shit (and do I mean shit!) Smub goes through we always work out a way to stay together. It amazing to me that I still meet my Sec 4 classmates and we can still yack away and play UNO-Bridge the same way we did five years ago. When Liang and I discussed birthday invites today (21st coming up, of course), it was also great to be able to state conclusively the people that are important in my life, and to appreciate them for being just that.

6. Still love the joy of watching good TV. Heh. Not watching half as much as I used to though... gotta work!

7. Starting lawyers fees just went up! According to Uncle Sonny, the huge firms pay around $4000 for a fresh bar graduate. Sounds juicy to me. *chuckle*

8. That I'm alive, whole, healthy and able to sleep quite quickly at night.

I think 8 is a good number and now I'm totally bushwhacked. Night! hehe

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