Monday, 31st January '05

Live & Loud

Oww. Cranky hip is twanging again, right after I told Mel that I'm much better. Alrighty, hippity hip, I won't underestimate you ever again, you happy now?

'Tis a sad state of affairs when I start talking to my body parts.

But what I'm really here to do is to advertise once again, for a wonderful bunch of live music organisers, the doubleyellowline team.

livenloud5 (52k image)

Happens every week, so do pop down and give some support! I know I'll be there as soon as I ever manage to finish Public Law Seminar answers ahead of time. Oh alright, that means I'll be there in the holidays! hehe Oh, but if they ever get Moren Tea Estate there then the Seminar will be most gladly left undone.

Watch this space for Evocation publicity next!

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wow, haven't seen this site before... design's pretty cool.

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