Friday, 4th February '05

Check These Babies Out...

After a really bad insomnia-infested night, a day of gathering critiques and comments, a minor epiphany while walking past an NUS busstop, an afternoon of mad mouse-clicking, one amazingly patient Ningz and one kancheong-spider Val... I finally gave birth to these babies.

I really can't choose between them, so let's do a little online polling in my comments box, shall we? Otherwise I'll leave Zaini to do the final picking.

Colour versions coming soon! Everyone please spread the word.

en ying snapped a shot of life @ 02:30 am
[5 photographs developed.]

5 photographs developed.


hey en. guess who's playing for the next Thumper? wink i'll give you a clue: Moren Tea Estate.

(what kind of clue is that?!)


really?! on CNY??


*grin* don't i get backstage passes...?


so when we meeting up? Anyway, the poster with just the guy is a much better picture. But the two dancers seem more relevant to the event.


you've hit the nail on the head, bec! precisely the problem we've been having.

hee. anyway we just decided to use both for putting up around school and the one with just julius (the guy) as the e-poster. look out world! publicity blitz is about to start!

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