Sunday, 6th February '05


Sorry for the onomaetopic (oh goodness, forgive the spelling already) titles. A little sound can convey so much.

Have mixed feelings about Evocation. Still always impressed with the standard of Ensemble and the dedication that a good number of members have to the company, but recently things have been sliding a little and I HATE nagging about attendance at Tech Class. Surprising enough the past half a year has made me rather passionate for the cause, and I'd hate to see DE fold up. At the very least not while I'm on watch! confused

The Comm, though, is amazing. Didn't even get that kind of reliability in Council sometimes. Everyone offers to take work off someone else's hands, everyone is considerate and understanding and did I say RELIABLE? You gotta love that.

Technical standards are a problem. I myself feel sub-par most times... and it's a bit hard to be President and try to teach the newbies when although I can catch most steps, I'd rather be polishing them up myself and internalising. And while I think I usually have the skills to do what I need to do eventually, I don't have the quick mind to learn choreography as fast as it should be learnt. Having fewer alumni around lately doesn't help because without them we aren't pushed half as hard. Talking to Roz today about the shift in DE culture was also interesting - DE started out as a group of friends struggling to form a company and now that it's taken off and gained repute, it's become more like a teacher (Zaini) leading a class (us misfits). And the problem with a class is that it doesn't feel for the class like one should for an Ensemble.

Liang asked me this a couple of days ago: "Where do you want Ensemble to go from here? Do you have an aim, a direction?" And it's something I asked myself at the start too, but not something I've come up with an answer for, really. I feel I don't know enough background for it, and with taking over at such a late time and so near to Evo, I feel like it's bad enough to keep my head above water - by that I mean I still want to keep my school grades at a B and above level, want to pass driving, want to not neglect my friends who need me just to be there right now, and still have some me-time. Certainly I want to clean up the DE organisation a LOT - especially in terms of publicity, costumes, and attendance. But that doesn't translate into an overall vision. In 21st it was Reach. I guess I gotta get the Comm to think about it too, but everyone is just treading water furiously right now... gotta set a finishing point.

And vetting was rather mixed too, today. Bryan's item was decent, seeing as we did a lot of choreo and blocking mere hours before the vetting, and I learnt my ENTIRE blocking in a few minutes. Would like to have not screwed up as much, but we really can't have it all. Jap street-chick cool, I have to work on. Andriana's item I didn't see. Heard it was interesting. Juli's was rather dismal... poor attendance, super-tentative dancing and Zaini cut us off halfway - it wasn't like he could see anything useful anyway. I agreed, it was all rather horrible, even if I felt I knew my own stuff. Hamzah's item was... soft porn. The guys costumes were damn exciting and Liang Wei looked like a giant pink carebear, hee. Girl's costumes looked schizophrenic and the lacked energy, I thought, for a number like that. In between, the Khia lyrics ("All the girls pop your p*ssy like this" and "Lick my p*ssy and my cr*ck") were downright off-putting. *shudder* Perhaps artistically amusing, but hardly necessary or relevant. But other than that Hamzah's dedication to the dance really did show, and his dancers were well trained. Huang Zheng's item was exciting in a different way... a high-brow art sort of way. I didn't quite understand it though, but experimental is always good. Julius' item also moderately experimental, and I liked his choreography a lot... but like Yip Man spotted a while back, his dancers might need a maturity boost to cope with it all in two weeks.

All in all it looks like a great show is coming up... I mean, if in three weeks of rehearsals we've come up with this much, another two weeks will be enough to get the show on the road! Assuming, of course, a total absence of complacency and a lot of pia-ing.

Back to my admin stuff. Night all!

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you go girl! i can actually attend it woohoo.. must get good seats

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