Sunday, 13th February '05

The Way She Moved... Her Hair, Her Face, Her Eyes - Divinity In Motion.

If you knew where that line came from, you must be Hanting. confused


*start whine*

I have a not-even-started Public Law assignment due in the next two weeks. One week to learn all of Bryan's steps (they go so fast I feel like jackrabbit on speed), one week to make sure i can survive the entire Juli's dance - I exit the stage a grand total of twice in 7 minutes, for 2 seconds each time. My feet stink from unwashed dance shoes, my maid lost my nude tube so now I have to go and buy a new one, my underwear has little holes because I tried to pin my too-large pants to it, Juli's ex-Zaki costume is designed to be "unflattering in all the wrong places" (quote courtesy of Liang Wei), my pink Bryan top may end up being cut up because it's not funky enough (i.e. shows too little skin), we have no MC, we have no backup guest item the second night, poor Virgenia is drowning in costumes, flowers haven't been bought and neither has my Bryan's black pants. Driving test is on Tuesday and I think I just figured out how to lane-change PROPERLY (and not either kill someone or be so cautious I come close to missing the turning thing I usually do).

*end whine*

Other than that Evo's coming along wonderfully! I mean it.

Thanks to Ben for putting up the e-poster on his blog. I'm going to email everyone soon and please do help me display it once you can.

It's just all so exhausting. Everytime I get home I want to crawl into bed and die there. I'm not the only one... Mel's so stoned these days I had to move her around like a chesspiece to start her on her right blocking in Juli's. Virgenia's knee looks like a living buahduku. Yanling left today with a sort of glazed look in her eyes.

Bye. I think I'm off to crawl into bed and die.

At least I know I die happy.

(Sorry Ave, I know I promied the Thumper review, but I just have no energy. Rest assured it rocked. Both MTE and Fatskunks were awesome!)

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2 photographs developed.


hey hey..dont worry it'll all be worth it..i just need to know do i need to go super early to chope seats? there are like 9 of us confirm and maybe even more smile shocked wink i'm good right? razz cool eh?


u're very very good smile

and yeah last year it was quite packed... we open doors at 7, so if u're there then i'm sure u'll be able to get the seats

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied