Tuesday, 1st March '05

Got The Champagne, Pour Me A Cup.

Probably the most relevant line (and least obscene, hmm?) line out of "Headsprung". Geez, the title alone is quite bad enough, innit? But the guys did so well with this dance, I couldn't resist downloading it after that. razz

Evocation was a blast!

To the supporters:

Thanks to all those who couldn't be there but wished well anyways...

Thanks to those who came and made me feel loved...
Babs - especially for organising the whole bunch
Ben - I will try very hard to forgive you for causing everyone to miss the first item because you simply don't understand Baboon language
Jia - Hamzah loves your shoes... haha, now you know you have good taste!
Hanting - why didn't you bring Her? *frown*
Ross - but I know he didn't really come to see me wink
Ave - finally you watch ONE of my shows, girl!
Ben - the other Ben... who did about as much publicity work as I could ever ask for
JY - such a pleasant surprise!
KC - tell me why Ave flashes me a huge grin every time she mentions you? And it's damn cool to have someone you're a fan of watch you dance... *chuckle*
Liang Ying - I want you to dance again, dammit! I've never danced with you! I demand you quit Orchestra. sleepy
Liang Si - you're the only buddy who comes to watch my shows! Thanks! Bring along those lousy boys one day...

Thanks to all those who forgot to come but remembered eventually...

And most of all to the wonderful people who made it all happen, the people whose dedication and commitment to the craft amidst their busy schedules is an endless source of inspiration...
Mel - for everything... haha... smile for fighting with arts fac and the cfa for all our important bookings, especially. For listening to me whine and for always being there with Scrappy and its owner at the ready.
Roz - for the coordination of the whole bump-in week and all the liasing for our guest items...
York and Liang Wei -for all the little bits and bobs u did that added up to so much... especially to York for the gorgeous programme and Liang Wei for tanning half ur face on the follow-spot!
Val - for amazing pubs work... we had full house on both nights! That's gotta say something...
Sandy... for handling so much admin and money crap... you do it so well
Julius and Yanling... for yet more pubs work and endless ideas and the darling roses at the end...
Wardrobe / JSLs - for doing all the little little bits of things,
especially Virgenia who still lives with a mountain of smelly costumes in her room
Clement for being the most on-the-ball SM i've ever seen and for being ever patient with me and my production mix-ups
All alumni who once again move us with their dedication, focus and enthusiasm... especially Juli's dancers Sab, Wendy, Kim... who came back on such short notice and always gave us pointers, advice, encouragment and haircurling... and old-man Anthony for the tech advice...
All chorepgraphers - for ur vision and creativity in and out of rehearsals... Bryan, Ann, Huang Zheng, Hamzah, Julius (who is not Juli) and Juli (who is not Julius)...
To the guest performers TKGS and Lil' White Riding Hoods - for filling in the blanks that we couldn't.
All Item ICs... for absorbing the humongous handphone bills, for running around dealing with props, for coordinating rehearsals, for diseminating information so quickly
All Dance ICs... for taking time to coach all us doofuses who can't remember our steps.
Weiyi - for letting me bug u on countless small details
Zhining - for the flowers and listening to me whine
Mag - for offering to MC
Debbie - for running
All the FOH and Tech Crew
Winston - for the videography
Eunice Lim - for the "DE mobile"
Zaini - for starting this whole little affair called dance ensemble in the first place
To all the seniors and alumni who couldn't dance - for coming to watch and support and critique...
...and most MOST importantly... all the dancers who've thrown yourselves heart and soul into this show... all the folks with food poisoning (Mel and Flea and Shirley and I know there are more)... all the casualties (Eunice and Meizheng and York and Adeline and more) for soldiering on right thru to the end despit the pain

Post production dinner was amazingly fun too... Breko is simply fantastic... (J&J, I say you have good taste). Sitting around and taking up more or less the entire second floor was quite a thrill (cheap, but who cares?), chomping on potatoes and carbonara and (for poor yours truly), one miniscule smoked salmon sandwich, listening to stories about Liang Wei's unfortunate pants accident and Scrappy etc etc. Was the most fun I've had in a month or so... perhaps a prelude to having a life again? Hurhur. Not likely.

Cast party anyone?

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2 photographs developed.


but i watched you back when you were in... uh... teyf? tefy? heh! big grin


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