Friday, 4th March '05

Make Me Wanna Holler, Throw Up Both My Hands.

As the saying goes, "When you have too much Equity & Trusts work to do, you just screw it all and blog. Even if you ain't really got nothing much to say." Where's that saying from, you ask? From the heart. If you look right down deep inside, I swear you'll hear it too.

So as I scanned my life for the past few days in search of some blogworthy trivia, my standards having been lowered considerably from the old "My Smelly Shoes" days of yore, this one of the odd things I came up with:

Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)
-- It's enough just to get by.

I've been newly inspired in a dancey way by the John Mayer / DJ Logic cover of Marvin Gaye's "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)". I've never heard the original, but it sounds so Wenyuan, don't you think, Tzo? But really, I've heard this recording a number of times before, but last night - somewhere amidst the trauma of reading long E&T cases and last minute fixing of the client letter with Sabrina over MSN - I just sat and listened to the whole 7 minute song and saw images of dancers in Flash Dance-esque costumes fliting across the stage, with complicated blocking to match. I even saw actual steps. I haven't had that kind of epiphany since I first heard Eminem's "Kim" 4 years back.

But yet the Inner City Blues dance I saw in my mind's eye wasn't angsty (as the title suggests), but more of a celebration of getting through life - not fantastically, but decently. The song is delightfully raw and yet soulful (not something characteristic of Mayer, and his voice is another thing in this piece, but that's part of its charm). The DJ logic record-spinning is also surprising, but so delightfully cool. Another thing I loved about it, as a performance piece was that it was so unplugged sounding. You can hear the fans, the background feedback and the cheesy pre-song patter, but somehow I felt that if that were danced to, it could create a very different kind of ambience from what we're used to.

I don't know why I started feeling the way I did when I heard this piece. It's probably a combination of the shitty things that have been happening around me (not quite to me, but to people around me) lately, and the consequent feelings I have that I really am a lucky little bugger. Whatever trauma I've had's nothing, and yet sometimes the monotony of living gets a bit much. I'm rambling, I know, but perhaps one day I'll re-read this and realised that these rambles were pretty precious to my growth as a human being.

I even have a dance synopsis. The only things I'm missing now are the will to work beyond the inspiration and the daring to put something like this out for the world to criticise.

If everyone else ever puts out a piece like this, remember, you heard it here first. rolls eyes

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Considering he gave me a CD with the original on it recently, I'd say yes I do think so wink Good for you seeing choreography in your head -- it doesn't quite happen like that for me, I have to whack myself on my room's furniture for hours before I get anything.

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