Tuesday, 22nd March '05

More Narcissism, Anyone?

So it only needed a small gentle poke from Jia to set me on the road to self-destruction. Here's the birthday wishlist, for those who give a crap. The rest of the entry is, of course, utterly useless to anyone who isn't in an "oh, alright let's indulge En Ying in her 21st birthday whinging about things she'd like to have but can't" mood.

Oh, enough talk already.

The Intangible
1. A teeny bit more daring on the expressway.
2. More sleep.
3. A miracle to salvage my public law essay.
4. A good negotiation.

The Close-to-Impossible a.k.a. I'll marry the one who gets me this
1. Plane tickets from Sydney to Cairns for Babs, Dre, Bert and I - around AUS$2000.
2. A drum set - goodness knows the price of this one.
3. Golden Retriever pup - has to be bought by a guy with a large backyard so that after we get married, Doggie can run around in it.

The Rather Challenging, But I Know You Can Do It! a.k.a. maybe a bunch of you should combine resources, coz these would make me really happy...
1. "Heavier Things" North Face fleece jacket - USD$180. (order online from johnmayer.com)
2. The Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Games - Figure Skating Competition / Exhibition - USD$24.99 (order online here.
3. Men's black limited edition John Mayer Trunk shirt - USD$80. (order online from johnmayer.com)
4. Room for Squares Guitar Tab / Chord / Vocal Songbook - USD$20. (order online from johnmayer.com)
5. Lord of the Rings original motion picture soundtrack box set - around S$50-60.

The Pretty Easy
1. Vouchers to any of the following: Gramaphone, Borders, Kino, Creative Hands.
2. Any of the 2 Jack Johnson Songbooks (make sure they have guitar tabs), "On and On" or "Brushfire Fairytales" - around S$40 each, available from Yamaha at Plaza Singapura.
3. The cute Bodyshop eyeshadow palate - Babs knows this one. Must be the one with the funky colours - S$28.95
4. Some Rat Pack greatest hits collection CD, Sense Field's "Save Tonight" album or I'll take a rain check and you can get me the BSB's upcoming album in July.

Better staple it together and call it bad weather.

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5 photographs developed.

john mayor is funky:

hello fufu. first time viist to your website. damn zai!!

haha. so can you play drums?



what took u so long!! *frown*

no i can't, harhar, but i'm not likely to be able to until i get a set anyways... *chuckle*


oh and btw, please add to the the intangible:
"One good internship for the holidays" -- I know there are those of you with contacts who can actually do this... I will be eternally grateful


wah! your 21st bday wishlist is even more specific then mine!! crazy enz smile we'll try our best smile how about 'spending time wiht my good friends?" go look at MY 21st bday wishlist..since we are all being bhb here..hahahahcraziness


oh, that was definitely a top priority, but you and luk already took care of that! *big hug*

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied