Wednesday, 6th April '05

"What A Day It's Been. You Have Learnt Something, I Have Learnt Something. Too Bad We Didn't Learn It Sooner; We Could Have Gone To The Movies Instead."

I'm having a day of reliving my childhood.

First, I'm memorising almost a whole paragraph out of the case of Chng Suan Tze at the request - no, rather threat - of my Public Law tutor. Kind of in the painful fashion of those old mo4 xie3 thingys. "In our view, the notion of a subjective and unfettered discretion is contrary to the rule of law. All power has legal limits and the rule of law demands that the courts should be able to examine the exercise of discretionary power. If therefore the executive in exercising its discretion has exceeded the four corners within which Parliament has decided it can exercise its discretion, such an exercise of discretion would be ultra vires the Act and a court of law must be able to hold it to be so."

So there's bad legal writing for you.

And then I have rediscovered Boy Meets World. Ok, I sort of rediscover it on and off, but for the first time I've actually managed to download a episode BEFORE Cory and Topanga got started on their never-separating and highly unbelievable love story. I actually realised how much older Will Friedle is than Ben Savage and that for some really strange reason Rider Strong was about two heads taller than Savage at the time (1994?). Weird stuff, but comfortably nostalgic. They were such sweet kids before they grew up and Matt Lawrence (the eye-candy) joined the cast and started distracting me, and Savage and Strong went on to make me jealous by entering ridiculously high profile Ivy-Legue schools (tell me how child actors that never really went to school get into Stanford and Columbia, huh?) , and doing some really bad indie movie *koffcabinfeaverkoff*. I have also realised how ridiculous it is that Feeny teaches the same kids all the way to college, but damn, I still want the whole collection of episodes, and they're not all downloadable. Haha, and that "And then there was Shawn" episode is insanely funny.

And then today, some other NUS student's music once again popped up on my comp, and low and behold... THE ENTIRE FRENCH LIBRETTO OF LES MISERABLES. So you know what I spent the afternoon listening too. Amusing, that 24601 in French is read as "24,60,1". London cast still has better vocals, but some songs like "La Grand Jour" continue to sound amazing either way.

The titular quote was taken from another of my childhood favourites, "Perfect Strangers", by the way. Anyhoo, it's not like anyone other than Ben (Low) remembers that show.

Alright. Public Law calls.

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