Friday, 8th April '05

The Hills Of Hell Will Be Covered in Snow Before I Ever Do This Again

Finally the week of...
Monday - skip horrific Public Law lecture and meet group to pia general Memorandum of Understanding clauses.
Tuesday - hotcakes at Macs in the morning! Meeting LCS group to do more on the MOU, meet opposing negotiation team to re-negotiatate clauses and re-draft and re-format (the friggin' bullets keep jumping, holy shit!) the blasted MOU all in the span of a harrowing 4 hours only to submit the thing seconds before the IVLE folder closed. Pretty much K.O.ed for the rest of the day.
Wednesday - Realised there was a shitload of Public Law Readings to do but I had no time to do it since Equity and Trusts assignment due in less than a day. (Did I mention that for the past 3 days I had been sleeping at 3pm busting my ass on that terrific little gem of an essay?) And that citations (even after almost 2 full years of practice) can still irritate the crap our of me. As Ave nicely pointed out (quoting K.C.'s nick) citations suck. Ibid. Dinner, by the way, was a cup of Super! cup noodles at 11pm, thanks to my pigheaded, stubborn refusal to leave my computer till the citations were done.
Thursday - Woke up at unholy hour of 7am to wolf down a miserable cup of instant Milo and Tan Gek Neo Jessie and Re Fong Thin Choo for breakfast, and proceed to re-memorise the Chng Suan Tze ditty. And then to attempt to craft a coherent answer to the tutorial question (Prof Thio wanted to CHECK them this time - no tutor has done that since secondary school lah! But good, anyways, since it'll force me to actually think). And then for good measure typing the CST ditty onto my marquee screensaver. All together now: "All power has legal limits..." Thank God for Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea at night.
Friday - Miserable Equity and Trusts tutorial despite Prof Tan's laudable efforts... just didn't do enough reading. And for some reason, was awfully stoned since Thursday night. Perhaps waking up at 6am to start readings wasn't a good idea - especially when it entailed me falling asleep every 10 minutes.
... is finally ending.

*end whine* Never again. EVER.

Perhaps sometime this week end I will have a life:
Friday - Mass at Holy Family Church this evening at 6pm, even if Dad was feeling a bit reluctant to go. I think he has as much church-o-phobia as I do. But really, Catholic churches are a lot creepier somehow - but perhaps I will save the discourse on my skepticism over Catholism for later. Heck, I don't even really like going to Protestant churches much, but Weiling and Chris deserve a shot.
Saturday - Bball with Babs and the twins (J&J) and whoever else is there in RJ in the morn. Gosh, I have to get up and mmooooovvveee. This week has been so assignment-oriented and sedentary I SWEAR I'm getting rhuematism. My ankles and knuckles ache when it rains, and I get a backache just sitting up. Office injuries and all that - imagine my life to come. And since I'm on this topic, I also think that if I continue in this line of work, the number of photocopies I make and the number of photocopied readings I do will ensure that I die of carbon poisoning. I am literally BREATHING IN carbon these days.
Sunday - I may actually miss going to tech class. *scratches head* Oh well. The only other thing left to do is sit home and try to dicipher Prof Winslow's lecture notes.

AND, the weather has been so good for swimming.

*end whine. Really, this time*

Think I'll go nap. It's a Friday afternoon, after all.

Daylight is climbing the walls; cars start and feet walk the halls. The world awakes and now I am safe - at least by the light of day... -- John Mayer, "Quiet"

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