Friday, 8th April '05

Sorry, I Just Went To Use The John And I HAVE To Say This.

With all my neighbourly love:

Ok, you useless little idiots. I don't know what your mothers taught you, or what planet you're from and whether the gravity there has a different effect on you egestive waste, BUT:

Flush the damned toilet when you're done, asshole. Do you think people like to go in there and see your semi-solid yesterday's-dinner smeared around the porcelain bowl? And guess what? I don't think the nice cleaner auntie appreciates having to clean that up either, ingrate.

One last thing - and if you flush it and it didn't go down, surprise surprise! YOU CAN ALWAYS FLUSH AGAIN! *gasp* Oh yes, no shit.

Friggin' cretins.

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2 photographs developed.


heheh looking forward to relieving ur stress for you smile take heart'll all end soon and i'm planning a big smubbies thingo when u finally finish


ABSOLUTELY. cool eh?

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
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