Thursday, 14th April '05

Lucky B*tch

That's me, by the way. rolls eyes

WAH, I haven't been this lucky since the Bio 'S' prelims. The Equity & Trusts written test well pretty swell and the Public Law Assignment was this crazy crazy fluke.

Note to self: save money to pay off big bet to Liang Ying. Can u believe I actually made a one-sided bet on my result and what I would do for her if I got XXX grades? And didn't even demand anything in return? That was how bad I knew my stuff was - and the number of grammatical mistakes, typos and spelling mistakes when I got back the paper today was phenomenal. I got the world's lenientest marker - and I don't mean analysis-wise. I would have flunked me for my horrible citation format alone.

All I need to make my day is some reply from ANY law firm giving me an attachment. Please please let me get R&T. It's the only one I know that's confirmed still considering me (i.e. the rest have more or less impliedly told me to suck it).

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2 photographs developed.


hey u got ur attachment and a great essay!wowee enz! u rock!!!!!! smile big grin razz


hee... wink

attachment is all thanks to jia's lobang, really!

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