Saturday, 16th April '05

These Are The Thoughts That Hit You At 12:41 AM.

Don't you just love my completely unthemed entries that simply jot down everything that happens in the hollow shell above my neck?

You don't? Well, booya. You will see in a minute that I don't quite care:

1. "I'm getting stoned, and what's wrong with that? The President seems to be just fine." I am fascinated by the irony that these Smashmouth lyrics (yeah, hands up those of you, who like me and ex-NCMP JB Jeyaretnam are "mired in the past" - such off-the-mark quotes a sure sign of too much Public Law in recent days) were written in the days BEFORE Bush took over.

2. Take a look at this blog entry: she calls me lovely. Aww. No but really, in light of Jer and Limin's enthusiasm, I was brought crashing back down to earth. Makes me feel like I should go to both Touch and New Creation and find out what the hooha is all about. And a celebrity death match between Pastors Prince and Khong might be in order. Prince sounds, well, princely, and Khong... *shrug*

3. In any case, Limin is happy, in more ways than one, and so I am too.

4. Abdoolcader S.C.J. is the Lord Denning of Malaysia, I swear. Dry sarcastic quotes included, vis my latest MSN nicks.

5. How did I manage to leave this point so late! Tan Kok Guan replied, whee! Secured internship for early August, though I haven't a clue how this is going to impact the Heartlands Celebrations thing - if it even happens.

6. Kai is going to get up early to mug in RI? Tell me, how many wrong things do you spot in that sentence?

7. I think I'm mad. How did I agree to watch Samara at midnight tomorrow? I'm going to have nightmares... of failing my papers.

8. Harrod's Traditional Chocolate Chunk Biscuits. *chomp chomp* *yum*.

9. Dipstick test done at last. I don't have diabetes (if you want more on this, just ask), but I have leucocytes in my pee. I think I forgot to take mid-stream urine. Maybe I should stop the over-information here.

10. I miss whining to Dage. This morning was rather fun, harhar.

11. Sentences getting shorter and shrtr.

12. Hahaha.

13. Zzz. sleepy

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hey dajie! glad u are happy for me. I am beaming. and yes do come for bible study with pastor prince.he is a great preacher smile alrighty. time for me to go. you are a great snoop dajie! did i ever tell you that? LOL hehe rolls eyes

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(oh help. i spend too much time at retardism, evidently.) blush

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big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
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