Friday, 6th May '05

That's the Way We Get By...

This Spoon song is the perfect soundtrack to this entry. Sufficiently mindless (in a good way) and head-boppy to convey the sort of lazy comfort of mooshing around doing NOTHING on your holiday.

So yes, that IS the way I've been getting by. Doing nothing in particular, making a few phone calls left and right to settle various DE things, lazy-ing in bed, getting some sun at last, making a few more DE related phonecalls, watching movies, meeting people, emailing Dalhousie administration staff, more lazy-ing... hehe

Not to say that the past week hasn't been interspersed with happening, well, happenings.


Brewerkz was wonderful... if a bit dark (but that's just me, I guess I like to eat my food by the light of day - or at least a flourescent lamp). It was both disconcerting and amusing at the same time how much we talked about ADULT SOUNDING THINGS at that dinner. Ben telling us his new management stratgies for his mum's company, Andre giving us the inside scoop on EDB presentations (some dude wanted to market his biofuel's idea and was met with a barrage of merciless questions - guess moots aren't the only time these things happen), Gnet and Shaun with their stories on orthopedics and guys with strange skin diseases on their butt (whatever happened to doctor-patient confidentiality, haha?), Kai and I barely beginning to talk about the limits on the freedom of the press, and Limin, well, we hear Limin's exciting hotel stories all the time! *grin*

Sitting outside with Babs and Kai and Dre for some good old time wasting and crappy-talks was something of a luxury, too, especially after the past few weeks of intense non-time-wasting that was my exam fever.

And the stupid Bert missed his own Smub Birthday Dinner. angry, grr

Bert's Actual Birthday Dinner

One word. FOOD. So sad that by littlest bro's limelight was stolen by the FOOD (glorious FOOD). His Grandma is a culinary genius when it comes to classic oily party food. And the whole party, with all of Bert's extended family... it brought to mind images of a time that seems very far away... a time where big families partied together and people cooked at home and it was all just nice, warm and fuzzy in the living room. It made me feel a little sad that such things rarely ever happen anymore - it's been ages since anyone in my family threw and birthday party and could count on the rest of the extended family to show up. Right now my dad's side has been the closest it's ever been for a long time, and yet barely anyone showed face at Andrea's birthday except my family and Alvin (ok, I don't suppose he had much of a choice sleepy, haha). Dad remarked on how about fifteen years ago, everyone would turn up for mine or Mich's or Daniel's parties, no questions asked...

But back to the birthday boy of this season. I should think Bert had a good time, yes? We made him model this supposedly translucent black dress shirt that Andre and Lucas picked out. Yes, with those two making the selection, you know why it was "supposedly translucent" - they were SO gleeful when they held it to the light and, well, the light came right through, but being the losers that they are on a regular basis, it turned out NOT to be translucent when worn. Sigh. You should've seen Andre's disappointed expression.

And with Bert turning 21 at last, thus begins the growing up of all our little Smub brothers... *sniffle*.

May Day! May Day!

Oh, keep your hair on. No airplanes crashing - perhaps only potential laptops. Spend half a day at Sim Lim laptop shopping with Mum (and my technophobic Dad went to amuse himself otherwise... probably with food). I'm much enamoured with the Asus M5, but I haven't a clue how reliable it is. Qiong (a.k.a. my computer guru) isn't being terribly helpful here. confused

And I know this will make me sound like the world's largest geek EVER, but I discovered a new Chinese word processer programme! It's fantastic stuff... you can key in words not just by hanyu pinyin, but by writing the characters with a fingertip on the touchpad as well! Right clicking words gives you English translations, and on the more expensive versions, whole Chinese documents are translated at the blink of an eye. The most amazing part was when the guy typed in an English document and it translated the whole darn thing into Chinese - and I don't mean the halting, choppy sounding Babelfish kind of translation, but real complete sentences with grammer and syntax!


East Coast Park! Gelare Half-Priced Waffles!

In a line, it is a BAD IDEA TO INLINE SKATE WHEN YOUR TWO FRIENDS ARE CYCLING MOUNTAIN BIKES WITH GEARS. It's a sad like, being an inline skater. First off, everyone calls your skates ROLLERBLADES -mine are California Pros! Not Rollerblades! *gah* plain And then, my very unseasoned feet kena blister. And obviously Kai and Babs were going a million times faster than me... but it was a lot of good fun. Hanging on to Babs for a ride was the best part - dangerous I know, but you never get that kind of speed on skates yourself!

Kai's blog has all the photos. We had some interesting shots at the Bedok Jetty - and yes, it's as fishless as always...

Qiong Came Home!

(sidenote: The number of exclamation marks in the titles shows you I've been having a rather good time of late, doesn't it?)

QIIIOOOONNNNGGGG!!! smilesmilesmile *bounce*

Need I say more?

Summer Storm

a.k.a my first R(A) movie
a.k.a.the German gay boy show with good cinematography, supportive soundtrack and beguiling honesty
a.k.a. the one with Qiong's skinny Latino-looking guy - yes, yes, he WAS rather charming.
a.k.a. damned Singapore censors, R(A) show also you want to censor... not that I mind them saving me from having to look at some teenage boy's beans and franks, but in principle, Singapore really doesn't have to be that homophobic.
a.k.a. why didn't anyone else see how sweetly symbolic that sunburnt skin-peeling scene was? Tobi's metamorphis and growing up...
a.k.a. OH, so that was what the falling pine tree was about!
a.k.a. that was very strange use of the Pet Shop Boy's "Go West"
a.k.a. SCHORSCHI!! *falls over laughing* That was hilarious.


Okie, so I'm no longer an Mambo virgin (as Limin would happily announce to the whole world).

In actuallity, Mambo to me has become more of karaoke night than a dancing thing. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the podium Ah Bengs, and it does take some (not a whole LOT, lah) skill to pull off a credible Mambo jive... and there was my shifu Beng who has pretty nice accents to his moves... and the whole lot of them are pretty in sync... but at the end of it all, I don't like crowds and if I was going to dance I'd prefer to do so in the comfort of my own bedroom.

Yes, at last count I had 26 Mambo songs in my iTunes playlist even BEFORE ever seeing a Mambo night in person. I scare myself, sometimes. So I really do think Rick Astley music is alright! And Wild Cherry's "Play that Funky Music" has been a fav for years. And I'll admit downloading Al Corley's "Square Rooms" for a laugh, but I really do enjoy listening to "Karma Chameleon" as a real song. Embarrassingly enough, I also know too many Ace of Base songs too. It's just... the whole experience of having your iTunes playlist remixed with a thumping bass and handed back to you with a handful of sweaty Ah Bengs and Lians flailing around on a platform is a bit... overwhelming. rolls eyes

But OH!! I had no idea that ANYONE ELSE actually listened to Billy Idol in this day and age. The "You Spin Me Right Round" song somemore! It was at that point that I felt an inexplicable sort of kinship to the podium Bengs. I mean come ON. I can't talk Billy Idol with any of you reading this right now! That had to be the best part of the night - getting affirmation for my strange music taste.

I didn't agree with the remixing of one very decent Brit rock song though. And some part of the rock puritan in me is unsettled by the way the Ah Bengs hoot and wolf-call along to decent classic rock like Aerosmith's "Walk This Way". Hmm. Not that it was blasphemous or anything, just... strange. I mean, you wouldn't Mambo to Van Halen, would you?

All I need now is to be presented with a deranged Jerald Chan.

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11 photographs developed.


i know i shldn't be commenting on jus one sentence after your entire scoop on things back home BUT whatt??? You mean the shirt WASN'T translucent on him??!!?? sigh.... crazy


glad u had fun smile next time we go mambo..bring qiong along! and we can have a ball with u two karaoking there! smile i cant believe u actually named all these songs.. remind me to tell jer to read this entry when he gets back *shake head* hehe


[luk] yeah! *shakes head* it wasn't... sorreh... next time pick something REALLY transparent since it seems like translucent doesn't work enough. you silly, SILLY boys. big grin

[limz]how much you wanna bet jer doesn't know as much mambo music as me... haha...


just in case you don't get the message, conversations are open. And yes the BSB are totally out! Well, I mean that they're in...but their album has COME out...they're not actually out...They'll always be hip for us old timers, eh?


i dont think he does.. hehe but he knows the moves..ok when he comes back we are having a showdown!


sorry man. asus just sounds totally unreliable. but ok. I'm biased. can'tyou get a toshiba???? or an IBM? at least that's reliable. Haha. even though it's ugly. and repeat after me: I Will. Not. Get. A. DELL. Over. My. Dead. Body. Just so you don't, even though you're not considering it XD

hm. dun get ACER too k? I guess you can give asus a try, my friend has one, and it hasn't broken down yet. Though he did buy the ferrari limited edition

yup that's it for now ^^ *huggle*


sigh. wasn't even thinking of a Dell. or Acer. quite famously unreliable, those. and i can't take ibm lah. sorry, i'm superficial but ibm cannot make it, damn ugly...


you could get a hyundai wink It will be, in all senses, a brick. mine has served me very faithfully for several years, much as one would expect of a brick (except once when the screen died -- I think that may have been me treating it roughly though!).


toshiba is quite good.. dont get acer..they are very very unstable big grin


toshiba is quite good.. dont get acer..they are very very unstable big grin


hey hey.. oh comeon.. im sure if u splash lots of water on me, it wld turn transparent even.. haha

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
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sleepy hehe LOL
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