Thursday, 2nd June '05

Black Suits Coming...

Nod your head!

Don't you find it absurd that I can even think of a cheesy, Will Smith rap song to go along with my internship experiences at the Legal Aid Bureau? I do. blush

In any case, it's about 8 minutes to the start of work proper, and here I am blogging rather mindlessly. Cassandra, my fellow intern, is working on her morning prayer, so the not-so-pious me is left with nothing to do but to amuse myself (and hopefully my kind readers) with my foggy, sleep-deprived ramblings. And I thought, what the heck, if I don't start the blogging now then the chances are that I never will. After all, I started this job - which, I might add, is THE COOLEST INTERNSHIP IN THE WORLD - more than a week ago and somehow never yet got down to it.

Oops. Time to start. Gotta go.

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rrrright.. that was a whole load of ramblings WITHOUT any updates on ur coolest internship in the world.. razz

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