Monday, 20th June '05

Make You Banana Pancakes, Pretend Like It's the Weekend Now.

Jack Johnson just inspired me with breakfast ideas for Thursday, but I figured I'd better not make any rash decisions. Experiments don't always turn out well in my kitchen - if anyone remembers the time I made durian omelettes. Oh wait, no one should, because I should have been the only one who suffered from that little failure. Rest assured it won't happen again.

Nora's birthday was a blast - because the birthday girl was one of the best hosts I've ever seen, because the company was excellent; because the phantoms like IVAN HUANG KUANG XIN graced us with their presence, because ElephantIndianChinaman rocked as usual (ARGH, Jack still can't get the right key in "No Such Thing"); because my favourite person of all time, Kai drove me home; because Jem did not make aformentioned favourite person laugh and drive the strange way she did before.

In other news, things are once again getting exciting in Dance Ensemble-land. I just sent out a half-neutral, half-scolding, half-funny long rambly mail... a really long one questioning people on their committment. And I feel so odd doing that because this time last year I was pretty much an MIA bugger myself - so to some extent I feel like I don't deserve this big opportunity and responsibility that DE gave me, nor do I feel like I deserve half the encouragment and pats on the back that the seniors and alumni give me. Oh well, just keep trying, I guess.

Mel was damn pleased with the bit I wrote about people even suggesting that the Comm should call people down personally to tech class. I mean, the seniors were SO bighearted to intercede for missing juniors on that grounds! I believe I replied with something in the vein of "You BIG lah. Diva lah. You think the Comm doesn't have phonebills, homework, jobs or perhaps even a life like you? You BIG, you very very BIG." Haha, that was much inspired by the "Dajie BIG meh?" jibes I've gotten from a couple of blueberries recently - so credit must go there. sleepy

But digression aside, the point is that I'm increasingly having trouble understanding the passiveness of the younger generation. It's like there is no drive, no discipline anymore. Huang Zheng put it quite clearly when she said that the way she was brought up was that if there was a class, there was a rehearsal, you just turned up. It was not an excuse that you didn't have friends, that you felt intimidated by the fact that you were the worst dancer there, that you felt lazy... you just got your ass there and did what you had to do because that was the only way to improve and learn and get the job done. I know the Government has been going on about the youngsters getting softer, and now I think I know what that means. It's like they've been raised with a completely different set of values... values that involve things being handed to them on a silver plate. We had to go bug our seniors to tech us things we didn't know, and we had to practise to get things right. We didn't expect them to come to us! Heck. Even if you want to be a diva, you've jolly well got to earn the right to, innit?

I'm not angry about it... I'm just confused mystified.

Also, tech class has lately gotten a bit more interesting, what with Zaini starting to put his own spin on the Luigi choreography. And it's great having Bryan around at tech to give me serious looks and nag me to plie slower and battment tondue higher than him (though at some point I suspect he was just diaoing me for fun). Otherwise it's too easy to settle into some sort of complacent going-through-the-motions routine. And it just shows that if you are willing to learn there are always people willing to show you the way.

And lastly, in a cyptic turn of affairs... I just need to remind myself to pray for her. I've been through a general anasthesia operation before, and I know how scary the whole thing can be. Prayer has always worked its own strange magic before, shouldn't fail now!

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hahah blueberries are funny. they drive u mad dont they dajie? but they are irresistable all the same. i'll pray as well and hope ur DE thing works out in the end smile big grin the dage is coming back soon. smile cant wait!


finally i found a site i've been longing before.. razz i've always had a 'thing' for john mayer.. big grini just love his music and lyrics.. LOL well.. just saying hi..


heh.. obviously i have a thing for john mayer too! *grin*. u got a blog, aisha?

and limz... the blues are... they are just themselves lah. crazy

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