Tuesday, 28th June '05

Now Don't Say I'm Not Blogging!

Here I am, dutifully blogging on a tiny micro-mini laptop (that makes dear Gianni Franco Zola look like an elephant) in the middle of the Changi Airport transit area. Turst me this is a painful experience as my fingers keep hitting the wrong buttons and I actually have typed thia lla out before but the session timed out on me because I took so long to correct the damned spelling mistakes.

Gah. Never buy a Panasonic Toughbook. This free internet access thing is supposed to be an advertisement for the book, but looks like it's working miserabaly.

On a less cranky note, it's happening! It's happening! smile The Smub pact is finally taking off and we're going to Australia in exactly 2 years after we made the pact. Amazing. Thanks to Chris, Ben, Limin (of course!), Heng, Qiong and Jov for sending us off.

Heh, and right now I'm feeling sufficiently cool and rugged... typing away like a seasoned angmoh tourist and carrying my backpack and sleeping bag. *grin*

Will be back in two weeks! Till then, jiust pray I don't murder Andre and Bert. plain

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3 photographs developed.


it's GIANFRANCO! no 'ZOLO' and no permutation like 'Gianni Franco'!!! argh. stupid blueberries giving my darling a pet name. argh. have fun babe smile and think of me smile cool eh?


aiyo..call it stupid palmtop next time..wad gianfranco..she talks like its a human..gosh..baboons with technology..will be the death of me.. crazyon a side note,hope u guys enjoy the trip!too bad i couldnt go..be safe!


*lol* just admit it if you're biased with your powerbook haha. have fun XD and *poke* what should i name my harddisc???? sigh. remus is my laptop, sirius is my pda...how????

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big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
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