Thursday, 30th June '05

Damned Korean Keyboard!

So here's the problem: Currently I'm at this AUS$2.50 per hour Internet Cafe somewhere along George Street and near the Star Bar eating place (good value, I must say, though it's obviously a Planet Hollywood rip-off) an I'm trying (admittedly in my classic stressed out way) to make the most of this rather expensive Internet experience - ONLY 40 minutes left! ARGH! - and I get stuck with keyboard that not only takes a massive effort from my fingers to hit the keys, has more Korean key-strokes on i than alphabets. Beats me why, but that's the way it is. Very dodgy.

And that brings me to the special word that has becom quite the catchphrase for this trip - DODGY. Bert started it, as all little brothers are prone to do. I believe it began on the first day that we dumped our bags in the (slightly dodgy-smelling) dorm in Maze Backpackers, grabbed a "Discount Map" from the counter, and left to hike down to Darling Harbour. At some point in time we got close enough to the world famous Opera House to see that what appeared in postcards to be its gleaming white sails were actually kind of... yellowed. It's like that colgate advertisment a few years back, with the teacher asking the children what the colour of grass was (green!), what the colour of the sky was (an enthusiastic "BLUE!") and then what the colour of her teeth were. Vis: -

Teacher: Sydney Opera House shi shn mo yan se?
Andre: Mmmmm.... dan huang se...
En: Errr... mi se...
Bert: lao shi, Sydney Opera House bing bu shi bai se de ma!

And much as I feel very lucky to have been able to see one of the world' great sights (and it IS still rather beautiful), I just also am rather thankful that the government is willing to spend all those thousands to wash our two spikey durians, you know? Basically, the SOH looks a little dodgy close up.

In other news... we decided against the Harbour Bridge climb because of our shoe-string budget. Aforementioned budget is also beginning to cause serious problems food-wise; living in the CBD area has major repercussions for your breakfast, although, incidentally, we found a gorgeous, mouth-watering continental set (bacon, eggs, toast, any coffee) for AUS$6.50 at the AstiCafe. Needless to say a good lunch costs twice as much.

And speaking of food, we found Limin's "famous" Pancakes-on-the-Rocks. So famous, indeed, that the concierge at the Maze Backpackers had never heard of it. He must have thought we were insane, asking for iced pieces of panfried dough. The Rocks, actually, is a coastal location near the Opera House. The pancakes (I haven't a clue how we stumbled upon them) looked yummy, but I didn't try them. Let's just say Bert and Andre didn't find them as satisfying as Limin had. Dodgy pancakes!

*ack, Internet Cafe is fast taking on the smell of FEET. Someone must really be getting comfortable*

After I explored a shop selling nothing but overpriced but really pretty beads that played 3 John Mayer songs in a row followed by one Pete Murray, we had some pizza and then went to scout out the Sydney Observatory. After getting lost at the back areas of the Metcalfe Arcade, and walking through this (dodgy) tunnel, we reached the Observatory park. It is frightening, that place, at night. We took some night photos and I'll show you. For now, suffice to say that the main gate reminded me of the "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" MTV and the Observatory building itselfe glowed in a way that made me feel like I was entering the Bates Motel. But the place was already closed, so we hung out in the grounds and got a spectacular view of the Harbour anyway.

Other than that, we made a quick trip to Kings Cross, the red light district, to satisfy the boys' needs *wink*. First thing out of the train station and they got accosted by a large angmoh who told them (ignoring yours truly, of couse, since I have no suitable appendages to stick anywhere) the best "ones" were across the roads. Big angmoh gestured in the direction of a particularly garish red light neon sign bearing the words "Love Bites" while Dre and Bert valiently just keep swimming... just keep swimming...

We've really covered quite a bit of ground in the past few days - even though we took it easy today, just getting the local feel. We woke up extrodinarily late, mooched in Starbucks and people watched for a couple of hours, befor hunting down some shopping - not that we really found anything to buy, seeing as everything here in the City Central looks like the upper floors of Takashimaya or Paragon. We took a train out to wonder around the suburbia in Strathfield, but there wasn't much open since it was already past six.

So that's more or less it... I'll leave the Starcity Casino and Harbour Cruise stories for another time. In general, Sydney feels so much like Singapore, and we've been moving and seeing so fast it hasn't quite felt like a holiday yet. Perhaps the more relaxing time will come when Limin arrives tomorrow morning. I miss female company, really I do.

Till the next time, g'day mate! (They do actually say "mate"!)

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yay you're blogging. so proud of you XD it sounds like great fun ^___^ the just keep swimming bit damn funny XD take care dearie XD sg is blardie hot these few days. you lucky thing. haha. i'm dying XD

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