Saturday, 2nd July '05

And You Held This Letter... Probably Got Excited But There's Nothing Else Inside It.

Hi Ma and Daddy!

Limin arrived yesterday... really early in the morning. The backpackers hostel was safe but a bit dirty... but no one was expecting hotel standards. Hair in the loos, leaking ceilings (and it was raining a lot, so some bright spark sneaked a few pots out of the kitchen and we stumbled upon them lying in the corridor on top of soaking carpets), and a truly filthy pool table (so we didn't play any). Other than that it was fine... before you enter the hostel area you have to show that you have a key (proof of being a customer), so no Toms, Dicks or Harrys (Harries?) could just waltz in. The discrepency in that was that when Limin arrived she just told them my name and they let her in, and imagine how surprised we were to find her knocking on our door before 8 in the morning. We were all still asleep.

We also had a roommate, a Scottish lady who was taking a break from her job - social work. More on that next time.

When Limin came we migrated to her friends' place... that's slightly more central, but there are pocketed spring mattresses! Haha, that's quite a luxury since the hostel's had springs that would actually stick you in the butt like in the cartoons. Her friends are great... quite neat and clean and very hospitable. The apartment is safe too... scanning key access like PGP lah. And I loved the heater they have in our room - I like having toasty warm toes! The Polar Buff I bought from the Queensway shopping centre is coming in handy too, just so you know the $52 was well spent. smile

And your message about the floods was quite surprising, especially since we knew it had been raining, but not that much! The first day it drizzled intermmitently, and the second there were bursts of real rain. The horror was the third day when it just rained and rained and upset our plans to walk to the Sydney Fish Market for lunch. We ended up sitting at Starbucks for half the day people watching because it was too wet to do anything else! And then the next day we saw all the newspaper headlines with corresponding photos of the floods. *sigh* Andre's mum says flights to Sydney were delayed / cancelled, so now I know why you were worried! we won't be going anywhere Queensland or Gold Coast, so no worries! And we're keeping an eye out on the front page news too, so it's alright.

Anyway, the weather cleared up when Limin arrived, so that was good. She brought us to browse Paddy's Markets - winter stuff is really cheap there! Perfectly good padded / fur-lind jackets for about AUS$29... and today I bought one almost identical to the one I wanted to buy in U2 for SING$99 for AUS $36! Heh. smile Got a couple of jumpers too, today at Birkenhead Point (this big factory outlet shopping mall). One of them is fleece! Whee! Very snuggly.

We stocked up on groceries to save money... we had cornflakes for breakfast and we'll be cooking pasta for dinner one of these days. Coles and Woolworths house brands go at dirt cheap prices! And I love Aussie milk... always tastes better than Singapore milk - and I haven't a clue why!

Oh, and yesterday we took a ferry to Manly Wharf (that's across the harbour) and had a MUCH better time than the last time we were at the harbour. For one, the weather wasn't miserable, and the Opera House looks SO much cleaner and less dreary when flanked by blue skies. Lots of photos when I get back! The seagulls are enchanting too... hahaha... you know me. The only thing was that once again I forgot to bring something to feed them. *frown* Manly Beach is a bit empty in winter, save for a few garang-type surfers. I'll never get to surf; Dad would not approve. sad Then we trekked to North Head's lookout post, and ended up lost in Sydney National Park. We had to walk all the way back to turn around. Gah. Nothing dangerous, don't worry, but it was really tiring. Me got blistered toe. Need sayang. Haha.

Last thing we did today was go back to Darling Harbour for a free night-time concert of Gershwin ("Porgy and Bess") and Berstein ("Westside Story") pieces. Darling Harbour was SO MUCH more fun without the rain... and since it was a weekend night, everyone was there. There were fireworks and people (yeah, normal civillians) were dancing on the street; there were street buskers too. Quite a sight - videos when I get home!

Tomorrow we'll be heading to Hillsong Church in the morning after my council friend in Sydney, Siao Charn, has us over at her place for breakfast. Then back to Birkenhead for more shopping - anything you would like me to get? Can SMS me. My friends insist it doesn't cost the Singaporean party any extra.

Yep, I guess that's about it. Daddy's birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Daddy! We go for dinner when I get back (just... no angmoh food... had a few too many rump steaks lately, and was very glad to have some honey chicken and stirfry today at Chinatown).

Love lots,
En Ying


And some other notes:

Dear Qiong,

Yes! Be impressed! Haha... I'm paying good money just to be connected to the world - though I just largely refuse to check my email since the Dance Ensemble related mails make me feel like worrying and working and there's precious little I can do today anyways.

I got your dolphin thing... hehh... quite a cute dolphin, and the jewellry was more unique than usual, so I hope you like it! satisfied And send me mailing add for postcard, please!

rolls eyesrolls eyesrolls eyes

Dear Kai,

Heh... I decided I missed you, you little strawbz, so just writing to see how you are. Limin and I kept seeing things we knew you'd want, and then I actually caved and bought you something. It's so you... geez. Cannot stand it. You will SO be wearing it and ACBC-ing, I think I might just have created a monster. crying Wait, I changed my mind, I'll just keep it for myself instead...

rolls eyesrolls eyesrolls eyes

Dear Gnet,

My other silly little sister - I haven't found you anything yet! Any requests please say... how's school now? I can't believe we haven't spoken properly since you left for NY, and we really have to meet when I get back.

rolls eyesrolls eyesrolls eyes

Dear Mich,

Same thing... I can't quite decide what to get you - will one of the above-mentioned fleece jackets do? I know you're going to need it as a much as I will!

rolls eyesrolls eyesrolls eyes

Dear York and Liangwei,

Haha, I just thought of the 2 of you blokes when I saw the enormous flood of DE mails which I am religiously refusing to crack open. Liangwei, have you sent your mail yet?!? And Please tell Mel to keep breathing... I hope she's not too stressed. York, I saw a York Street in Sydney... haha... was quite amused. Three cities not enough for you already is it?

rolls eyesrolls eyesrolls eyes

Dear "Smub" Boys (Ben, Shaun, Lucas, Heng, the Blueberries),

*waves* Hope you all are doing fine... Lucas and Heng especially, remember to spend your time in Singapore wisely coz I'll be back to torment you soon. *evil grin*

rolls eyesrolls eyesrolls eyes

Dear Ningz and Tzo (and Wenyuan that comes along in the package),

Hee... nothing specific to say... just wanted to say HI!! And yes, make your shopping requests. You too... send me your mailing adds (you know my email) if you want a postcard!

rolls eyesrolls eyesrolls eyes

Guess that's it for now. Gotta run! Bye!

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HARLOW ^^ thanks SO MUCH for the dolphin thing (suddenly am reminded of the 'so long and thanks for all the fish' song XDXD

will send you the addy later, cos am using my fren's comp XD SOOOO ENVIOUS 8grin8 take care dear ^^


I see you're happy in the land down under. haha. Isn't the weather just brilliant and fun!?


yoz ^^ emailed you my address ^___^ thanks dearie ^___^

and yes, i'm very impressed. you're blogging more than me, and paying for it. wow ^___^ keep it up man XD


i brought the sun with me smile I AM THE SUNSHINE AFTER THE RAIN LOL

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied