Sunday, 3rd July '05

Just Bite Me.

Biting has become a national pastime, here in Sydney. There I was lying in my sort of warm little bed, toasting my toes next to the heater, and reading about Hannibal Lector's assaults on this nurse (bit off her tongue and the better part of her nose or something), while Limin keeps everyone awake by threatening to BITE Andre.

Yes folks, step right up. The amazing BITING BANDABOON*.

* The Bandaboon is a is rare, endangered, hybrid creature that hide amongst the eucalyptus trees in the Blue Mountains. The last known Bandaboon was spotted terrorising 3 Singaporean travellers. A cross between a Bandacoot and Baboon (don't even want to know how that happened!) it is a particularly potent combination. A bit shorter on fur than its original counterparts, it keeps warm by snuggling into black trenchcoats and big white jackets. It attempts to make its prey believe the latter makes it look huggable, thus luring the unsuspecting prey dangerously close to it. After which, the Bandaboon morphs into a rather frightenting trenchcoat mafia gangster, and tries to bite everything in sight. A good diao usually is the best defence mechanism.

Right then, I don't know why I wrote that. Bored, I guess. Today we went to Hillsong and heard a pretty good speaker, Joyce Meyer. I like her, she's cool and logical and makes SENSE. She doesn't appeal to emotion to get her message (about praying agressively) through, and I enjoyed the fact that she didn't get all melodramatic about it.

Siao Charn also made us the most GORGEOUS pancakes in the world today. She had us over for call in pizza at dinner too. She's the bomb.

Ok. Gotta run now, or we'll miss the last bus back to our accomodation. Thanks Siao Charn for letting us use the computer!

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oeiz! i resent this! and i am really very huggable in my new white sweater ok! argh razz crazy

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