Thursday, 7th July '05

Stupid Asians, Never Seen XXX Before.

Sometimes I think I take make big events of and take a million photographs of the most absurd things:

Monday morning, bright and early, we dragged our weary and frozen off asses out to the Radisson Plaza hotel to wait for the minibus to take us to the Hunter Valley. And we were so glad we did, because that part (at least to me) became the highlight of the trip thus far. My word, the scenery is marvellous... vineyards just go on for miles and miles, as far as the eye can see. I had my first ever proper wine-tasting lesson from a really nice dude who sucessfully demystified wine for us by encouraging us to just make any kind of comments we liked. He wouldn't let us call the Altico "yummy" though. sad Apparently that word's just reserved for experts like himeself.

And so there we were, goggling at the sheer amount of land around us, the slight temperate mist, the sunsets, the EVERYTHING. Snapping photos all the way, of course. Sometimes I just thought the bus driver must have thought: "Stupid Asians. Never seen grapes before." / "Stupid Asians. Never seen sky before" / "Stupid Asians. Never seen grass before."

Sigh. But it was awesome.

And the company was great too... our tour group had 2 Brit girls from Leeds University (medicine students) and an Irish engineering professor (really young though - I'd estimate about 28) from Limerick. So us all being young, academic sorts, pretty much got on like a house on fire! And were all pretty much warm and fuzzy, red-faced (FORTY different types of wine from 4 wineries leh! Yum.)and very happy by the end of the day. We also raided the chocolate factory and cheese factory for tasters...

"Stupid Asians. Never seen cheese before."

Tuesday it was off to the Blue Mountains to see Limin's territory. We got off at the Leura train station and it really IS a quaint little village. Cottage-y looking shops selling curios and antique books and teapots and the like. Limin of Leura, of course, was an excellent tour guide. At times she actually knew where she was going! No I'm kidding. We wouldn't have had such a lovely day without her.

So on our treks to the school and Echo Point (which really echoes - yes, we tried: "Stupid Asians. Never heard echo before.") we clowned down the roads... took lots of pictures of maple trees, suburban houses ("Stupid Asians. Never seen house before.")... and then we eventually wound up taking spoof shots of the 3 Sisters and making entirely too much noise, hanging around and ooh-ing and ah-ing at the sunset ("Stupid Asians. Never seen sun before."), and LYING ON OUR BACKS IN 2 DEGREE TEMPERATURES TO WATCH THE STARS FOR AT LEAST A GOOD HALF-HOUR (lest you forget, "Stupid Asians. Never see stars before.") But it was well worth it. Gorgeous.

And then we had our excellent special dinner (a Smub travelling tradition, you see), and took photos of that too: "Stupid Asians. Never seen salad before." / "Stupid Asians. Never seen lambchops before." / "Stupid Asians. Never seen wine glasses before."


Wednesday we crashed out half the day. The walking in Blue Mountains plus the 4 hour trains rides were too much. Andre and Limin woke up at 1pm, the pigs. That left about 4 hours of dayling with which to run off the the Sydney Fish Market. I love the Fish Market! It's like that slice of life I look fpr when travelling - I don't want to see the touristy things (well, some I do, but well) but I do want to see people going about their daily business and doing things unique to the setting. This was it. Lovely. So I took lots of photos and videos (yes yes "Stupid Asian. Never seen fish before.")

Large cheese shop also caught my eye. Was in the middle of making a video of it when a HUGE muscular angmoh dude comes up to me and goes "heya, what you doing?". When I turn around I nearly faint. He's with this other almost as large friend, he has tatoos that look like I could decorate a wall with them, and I have a sneaking feeling he's one of the shopowners who doesn't like me taking photos of his wares. Wah liao, my stomach drops to my toes.

Turns out he's just a nice friendly Sydney-sider who lives around the corner and wanted to make conversation (with the Stupid Asian who obviously hasn't seen cheese before). *phew*.

And then I left the group to meet Zhang Yi (yay!). So much fun! smile

And I'm out of Internet time, so I'll just end off by saying we went to a Superdome night at the Mlympic Park as part of the Hillsong conference and it was awesome. We saw Guy Sebastian live. Haha. smile And of course took too many pictures (altogher now, "Stupid Asians. Never seen Australian Idol before.")

Right then, gtg, bye!

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8 photographs developed.


WAHAHAHAHA. Cute post ^^ bloody jealous. I shall off to brewerkz tonight. XD i need my beer fix XD


Glad you're having a good time! Sounds like a brilliant summer (or winter as it may be). Are you not reading your email?


hahh qiong likes beer? nice one babe. then u MUST come down under one day and we can go BEER tasting hahhaha smile


haha limin, i just like german weissbier, period. XD anything that tastes similar is fine ^^ tho i really hate it when it gets too bitter O-o


cider all the way. difficult to not like beer in england though... only stuff I've ever liked is the eastern european dark ones.


email? what email? ok i go check.

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