Sunday, 10th July '05

On Cyrus' Cheena-fied Computer

Hi all.

I write this as I struggle to work on a computer that has everything on it written in Chinese. Windows commands and start menu and everything. All i can say is thank goodness this isn't a Mac because I wouldn't be able to just go by instinct and click the right things. But mucho thanks to Cyrus for lending me the computer - I wouldn't be that nice if someone were staying in my house, haha. cool eh?

Well tonight's the last night in Sydney. Getting quite sad to be leaving Limin behind when I fly back to Singapore... Having her around for the past few months since February, it was almost like she had never left and she was always around to entertain us and hang Smub together and do the chalet things etc etc... well Babs, just want to say that I'll miss you, and when every you're lonely (and have noBOdy for your ooooOOOOWWWNNNNN!!!) you cann think of the nice warm fuzzy white hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and the humongous cake and be nice and fulfilled knowing that us Smubbies are thinking of you!

In other news, I went a bit crazy CD shopping today... bought a Legends 3CD pack for parents (and heck, I'll benefit since I'll play it in the car too), Simply Red Greatest Hits, and Nirvana Greatest Hits (for my own education and benefit). AND, I found two oddball soundtracks that I'm sure I will love - American Psycho (haha Kai Lynn) and Trainspotting. I already like the Trainspotting soundtrack. AANNNDDD, I bought 2 CDs by G Love and Special Sauce!!! How cool is that? I decided to invest because each CD cost AUS$10 and I'd NEVER be able to find G Love in Singapore.

Walking around with Limin today was a lot of fun... we popped in and out of shops from which we couldn't afford to buy anything (CDs being an exception) and then went for Gloria Jeans. Happy. smile

Alright then. I'll be home really soon - tomorrow evening to be exact. So tonight we're bumming, I'm walking down to Dixon's to buy honey chicken and cook pasta while we bum and watch "30 Going on 13". To Mum and Dad and Kai and all the Smubbies and Qiong and all the 401ers who I've missed in Singapore for the past 2 weeks, seeya REAL SOON! smile

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