Tuesday, 12th July '05

Hello Mackie!

Oh good grief I have actually given my Powerbook a name. For the love of Mike, I'm turning into Limin. Eeek.

Well it's be exactly 2 weeks since I left for Australia and coming back to Singapore, my life is a train wreck. Here's why:

1. Dalhousie course selections are definitely open. Which means I must select like NOW.

2. Tickets need to be booked. Still can't figure out pricing. Should I take Northwest Airlines to transit at Narita and Detroit on the 23rd? Roy says there will be too many scholars. Hmm.

3. YMCA Lease Contract!!! I hate being 21 sometimes.

4. I haven't read blogs in ages. I am most peturbed by the fact that I now know absolutely zero about what is going on in Ave, Bec, Aud, Siti (though she doesn't blog), Kai, Gnet's etc etc lives. Crap. Too much to catch up on, please guys, meet me soon! (The problem being that I should really be sitting at home finishing my Dalhousie things.)

5. Last I checked, 68 gmail threads. Holy shit. Which means at least a 100 emails, really. 80% of them Dance Ensemble related. Best part? Mel and Zaini in Yogya, so who the heck do I ask for an update??

6. Need to call Nawaz for something about the VCDs.

7. Need to figure out if I should reply to all the Dance pple who messaged me in Australia.

8. I think I'm getting lockjaw. Seriously. I can't open my mouth more than halfway because the right jaw is bloody stiff and painful. It's gotten worse the past 3 days and the flight today totally killed it, somehow.

9. Happy about the Aussie shopping though. Generally got pretty good deals on everything and didn't waste unnecessary money. And oh, the CDs!

10. Stomach is disoriented from the rubbish put into it at all odd times of the day. Blame the sun that sets at 4:30pm and penny-pinching in Coles, hehh. smile I think I will eat nothing but porridge for the next 3 days.

11. Got incredible craving to go swimming... AVE??? The chlorine smell at the Sydney Aquatic Centre at the Olympic Park even without going in is quite enticing. Plus my back is feeling disgusting from all the plane rides and extended walking tours. Need to straighten out spine.

Need sleep now. Night.

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glad to know u and bert are home well and in 1 piece.and how's TJ? smile hope u got him fixed. i watched some videos u shot last night on masha ..and it was hilarious smile i miss u guys smile and if u want that book be sure so that i can get it for you smile LOL cool eh? cool eh?

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