Wednesday, 13th July '05


Hah. I bet you want to know what I bought in Australia. Included in this list are all the relevant gifts. I hope I actually get around to giving them out because the last time in Thailand I didn't end up giving all the gifts I wanted to, idiot that I am.

Clothes and Winter-y Things
(It's nice that Aussies don't make clothes that will fit only Kate Moss.)

White padded marshmallow jacket with fur trimming - that seems to keep shedding.
Velvety like purple Jay Jay's jacket - Jay Jay is Limin's favourite Aussie budget brand.
Pink flannel turtleneck
Mint green knit-wear cardigan
Gradient green-blue jumper
Two fleecy-like Jay Jay's jumpers
Blue-green / Black off-shoulder top with scrawly design
Aqamarine Fcuk trucker cap + two diamonte visors - goodness, if the factory outlet can sell these so damn cheap what are the retailers doing?
Three ah-lian belts - again, what the heck are these doing selling for this cheap?
Two pairs of classic boot cut jeans

(Whee! Best Bloody CD Deals I've Ever Had. Each item cost AUS$10, and the look on my face? Priceless.)

Trainspotting Soundtrack
American Psycho Soundtrack
3-CD Legends Pack
G. Love and Special Sauce - "G. Love and Special Sauce" - Limin and I still can't believe I found this. G. Love is Jack Johnson's good friend and main musical influence, just so you know. smile
G. Love and Special Sauce - "Yeah, It's That Easy"
The Very Best of Simply Red
Nirvana - "Nirvana"

Other Ling-Longs

Two intricate bohemian-looking rings from Glebe Public School Markets
Entirely too many pairs of chandelier earings - mostly gifts for all my home-girls.
Hackey-Sac - just a small childhood dream, alright?
Dolphin bangle
Silver bangle with five-petal flowers cut out and pink glass gems
Mudgee Old Liquer Aleatico - the yummy wine I was teling you about...
Four sheets of silver and gold craft stickers - again, after seeing these prices I swear Spotlight is ripping us off like mad.
Rose-tinted sunglasses - so, well, I can look at the world through rose-tinted sunglasses.

(I can't believe I am actually giving food away as gifts, but the supermarkets were crazy good.)

Two giant packs of Tim Tam Originals
Two standard packs of Tim Tam Originals
Two standard packs of Tim Tam Dangerous Liasons Truffles Flavoured
One standard pack of Tim Tam Mandarin Orange
One standard pack of Tim Tam Coconut
One standard pack of Tim Tam Tia Maria - are you sensing a pattern yet?
One box of Camomile Tea
One small pack of Rasberry+Peach tea
Coles Savings honeycomb chocolate - extremely budget Cruchies.
Homebrand buttercandy
Weather's Original Toffee - the chewy kind we don't get in Singapore.

Now that was retail therapy. hehe

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hey babe i didnt know u bought THAT MANY TIM TAMS! u are the original tim tam girl for sure..and bert will be the poster boy..hahah smile hope alls well at home do u need me to get the 'housekeeping for men' book for u? AND get started on that DVD so that u can burn and send to me.


hmm... okie... please get me the book? *grin* i'll pay u back EVENTUALLY. haha. smile thanks thanks thanks.

and yes, i'm already selecting the soundtrack!


ok i'll get the book over this weekend babe...dont need to pay me back just mail me a few seasons of friends with the dvds u make smile LOL


heh... absolutely. smile

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