Monday, 1st August '05

Let Me Be Your Weeping Willow Tree...

I love G. Love and Special Sauce... haha. Interesting songs, they have. That title up there is from "Willow Tree" off the album "Yeah, It's That Easy". I love CD shopping in Australia.

Right. But that was old news, really. Time for better updates - and there's more than 2 weeks worth.

Rodyk & Davidson

Um. Internship / attachment. I'd much rather be called an intern than an attachee (the former may make one sound like Monica Lewinsky, but the latter makes one sound more like a kind of SUITCASE, so I'll pass, thanks), but they call us attachee's anyway. Nothing much to report on really - because this internship wasn't quite as exciting and funny as the one at the LAB. There was a lot less hands-on work since Rodyk & Davidson wasn't overworked and understaffed like the LAB, and really, commercial clients aren't going to appreciate court documents and instructions being taken by a lowly attachee.

There was a lot of manual research - because my mentor somehow got it into his head that all students can't manual research, even though I think NUS kids in my batch are damn friggin' good at manual research. Anyway throughout the course of the 2 weeks, I must have done well enough such that NO ONE noticed I was the ONLY intern in the place with no internet connection. Still got my research reports done all nicely, and only sneaked bits of internet off the E-Filing System computer. Ha! hehe

Otherwise nothing was that new and exciting anymore - the only thing new I got to do was to visit the High Court to sit in on a few bankruptcy hearings. Not that it was a bad internship, it was just, well, the second as opposed to the first.

The Rodyk lawyers are nice, though by the end of it I was quite certain Rodyk was something of a boys club. Group of 8 or so dudes took us attachees out for lunch... and like I said, boys club. Like an expanded version of the Gareth / Adrian / Sean bunch in the 20th. My mentor was REALLY an Adrian type - damn funny lah, why I always meet guys like this. The odd female associates were really sweet and friendly though; just cute lah. Holding their own in the boys club. Haha.

So all in all it was quite enjoyable - just in a sedentary, research all day till your eyeballs fall out, way too much Civil Pro involved kind of way.

And I never got around to looking up my Uncle Sunny's son - that means, effectively the guy is my cousin once removed (twice? I can't count these things). I went about as far as asking if he existed, and discovered he was somewhere in the litigation department - but never got round to looking for him.

SAJC Concert / Hidayah

The first week of internship also saw my first external dance gig ever... we did a guest performance for the SAJC dance night, in the usual tradition of the long-standing mutual back-scratching agreement we ahve with them courtesy of Zaki. It was quite a lot of fun because doing an external gig doesn't seem to have the same amount of nerve-wrecking stress associated with doing your own show. There was a lot of bumming around in the dressing room before rehearsals / shows... with various degrees of madness. Read: -

1. Zaini being very proud of his self-drawn widow's peak. A damn good job, I must say. Until he brought it to our attention I couldn't tell it wasn't real!
2. Sarah's eternal whining about her complete lack of make-up skills. She has absolutely NO PROBLEM with it, but she still endeavours to make everyone believe she can't apply foundation. It's a joke lah, she's been doing dance shows since Sec 1.
3. Flea the paranoid - ok, granted I shared the paranoia after I SCREWED UP the first night - she's just too cute.
4. Bryan and the bursting safety pin. The only fella amongst us with more than one guest item. In any case, he manages, somehow to never be able to dress himself. Full dress night people have to pin his white beret for him. His oversized pants also keep falling off and various people keep having to pin the waist for him. And OF COURSE the pin keeps bursting off when he dances. It's a GIVEN. *sigh*
5. En Ying the go-to eye shadow girl. I think I did everyone's eye shadow at some point except Zaini's. So here's the low down on eyes: Amy has perfectly good looking eyes, but they CAN'T BE DRAWN. I don't understand. My skills not yet good enough. The people with incredibly easy eyes to draw, anyhow smudge-smudge also look will good, blended and almond-shaped: Mel, Flea, Bryan. The people who require some pondering but nothing I can't handle: Sarah, Jiamei, Fiona. And Anthony sticks to rubbing some dark rings around his eyes and leaving it like that - i.e. the obvious mark of the only straight guy in the dressing room. There are times it's good to be fair-skinned, I guess.

And messing around aside... the show's went alright. I can't complain about the second night, but my first night was a horrible performance from me (and everyone else was alright). Humongous boo-boo. Sigh. But all in all, also a good experience. If nothing else, it felt rather exhilarating to put up a show in one rehearsal.

Matric Fair and Other Dance Things

Too much to summarise in a paragraph, but I'm just glad the Jcomm handling the fair were as resilient and hardworking as they were. I'm spending the next two weeks being consumed by dance administrative affairs. Shall soon be harassing the internship-less Yanling too. Yay!

OPEN CLASS this Sunday and Next, everyone. That means you, Hanting and Sweet!

The Evocation VCDs are a horror. I was so shaken by them when I saw them I had to meet Mel at Caltex House to show her how bad it was. Geez. I could have edited better than that myself. The VCD has HALF of Bryan's piece, the intro to Ann's is gone, the outro to Julius' got cut off because the camera ran out of battery and in general the transitions are half-hearted as anything. I think I have already ranted to anyone who will listen, and therefore will stop here.

Life, Finally

Yup. With the internships out of the way I finally have time for myself again. Have chatted with Vicki a good bit about what will happen when I arrive in Halifax - we're going on a road trip to MONTREAL! And the best part is it's free because she will drive and I will... be a complete sponge. blush I really can't wait to see that girl again.

I want an IPOD. And I know that I will once again counsel myself out of this pending madness because (a) I don't REALLY need it. (b) I don't deserve it. (c) Seriously. How many people want IPODs and can't have them? I'm not the first, and they can tahan so there's no reason I should have one either. - this my friends, is why I have been portable mp3 player-less since 2002.

I watched the Breakfast Club! Good for me. I first heard of this one in Sydney while watching the MTV Video Music Awards and they gave it a longstanding achievement award of sorts. Pinky's sort of boyfriend, Jarett, was the only one of us old enough to have seen it, and he said it was seriously a good show. I agree though. Apart from the cliched ending of everyone pairing up, it did explore a LOT of schoolyard issues and give them just enough of a human-factor without over dramatising it. That was what I liked the best, because as stereotyped as each character started out (The Brain, The Jock, The Basket Case, The Princess, The Criminal), the movie set about to reveal that each character lay in every one of us. And the director always knew when to pull back on the gimmicks and let the script take over - something I don't think I'll ever learn to do. Not a drop-dead fantastic show, but a very very very worthy piece of work.

Today I drove Dad to shop at the Ang Mo Kio NTUC, drove to pick Mum up from Ngee Ann Poly (under Dad's watchful, reproachful eye) and all the way back to Ah Ma's house for dinner. Felt like a good daughter! Yay. STILL not allowed to take car out without Dad in it though. It's terribly frustrating when you're the only one in your group of friends who passed first time with a substantially good grade, but who's parents simply never trust you. I drive better than a lot of people I know, and I still can't ever get to do it alone - which also becomes absurdly embarrassing when Ben and Kai and people like that drive me home and assuage my paiseh-ness by saying that one day I'll have to pay them back in kind, and I know it'll never happen at least until I get a car of my own / have the road proficiency of a lifetime taxi driver / turn 80.

And I just cleared about 3 GB of junk out of the laptop.

What a day it's been.

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FINALLY a new entry. i've been looking at the lockjaw shit thing for like ages smile good to know u are going on a road trip babe. i need a job or some quick cash so that i can go somewhere aside from singapore during my break too. *crosses fingers* in the meantime. hope all's well..i miss u! and i'm posting u the book soon!

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