Saturday, 8th October '05

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Blogger-Suffering-From-Withdrawal-Symptoms Scorned

HAHAHA. Yes. This blog is once again alive. Just in time for me to blog about the hockey game tomorrow then! *chuckle* I'll be telling you more soon enough. In any case, it appears that I now have some sort of entertainment for the rest of my Friday night, laundry aside.

Are you happy now, Kai. The dead CAN be brought back to life - as can my Lazarus of a blog.

Oh, man, I cannot BELIEVE how well this ruse worked. See Qiong and I were getting mightily cheesed off at darling Watson Lai and his (in my personal opinion) grossly incompetent team of DH (the servers whose name I'm about to slime) support staff. I'm pretty sure I'm entitled to review their abysmal service without incurring any defamation suits... fair comment and whatnot. Oh well.

Whatever it is, legal training DOES come in useful when one wants to play hardball. So after having Watson and DH giving us the run around for the past month, Qiong and I decided, to use that old-school term, that there would be "No More Mr Nice-Guy". Kudos to Qiong for having screwing up enough courage to attach her name to this rather mean-spirited letter. Thanks for her, I didn't have a privity problem.

And this is what we fired off to poor Watson, with all my best wishes that he would piss his pants when reading it:


Dear Sir,

Re: Failure to Restore Domain and Demand for IMMEDIATE Action.

1. Prior to 29 August 2005, I contacted your company twice using the form provided on your website. On both occasions I reported that the websites built on your sever were inaccessible, and had been so for the past week. I also requested to be informed of the reason for this, and when the websites would be restored.

2. By 29 August 2005, I had received no reply and specifically sent an email to your support team at The next day, I was informed that my account was being transferred to a new server, and that I would be informed when the changes were completed. In view of the $10 rebate I was given, I elected to wait for the transfer to be completed.

3. However, because no deadline was given for the completion of the transfer, I continued to email your company / contact your company via the form provided on the website. I sent more than 6 emails / messages between 30 August 2005 and 18 September 2005 and received no replies. In all these emails / messages I requested to be updated on the status of the transfer and a date by which I could expect to have the data restored.

4. It was only on 18 September 2005 when I sent a mail requesting “IMMEDIATE Action” that I received a reply from your Watson Lai. In this reply he cited difficulties in retrieving the data but promised that he “will be able to get it back”. He also asked for a further one week to retrieve the data.

5. It is now 4 October 2005, and 16 days since Mr Lai represented that the data would be retrieved.

6. Please be informed that aside from your duty as a provider to your customers, I and the others sharing the domain also have responsibilities to people who read and communicate via our websites. We feel that we have been extremely patient and understanding regarding not only the inconvenience that your company’s apparent ineptitude has caused us technically, but also in the deplorable support service you have provided – most evidently in your failure to keep us informed of the status of the transfer and your blatant disregard for inquiries made to your so-called “support” centre.

7. As such, I HEREBY DEMAND that all data present in the domain “february-rains” as of 29 August 2005 (stored under 5 sub-domains) be restored IMMEDIATELY by the close of business on 11th October 2005.

8. I also DEMAND a reply within 3 working days, in which your company will clearly state its intentions with respect to restoring the data, inclusive of an exact date and time by which it will be restored. If your company finds itself unable to restore the data to its original condition for any reason whatsoever, please also indicate what compensation your company is offering in respect of it.

9. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing herein shall be construed as a waiver of any of our rights against you, which are expressly reserved.

Yours faithfully,
-Full Name Omitted On Request-


Two days from the 出功夫 and we get results. big grin (I hope my Chinese is right. Bloody rusty.)

In Phua Chu Kang's immortal words: "Don't Pray-Pray" (for non-Singaporeans, this means "Don't F*ck With Me"). Yup, there are times I LOVE being a law student.

P/S: Those of you legally trained folks reading this... I know this letter's got lots of shortcomings and techically isn't even framed as a formal letter of demand, but please refrain from mentioning its faults on this site, alright? I don't want anyone else knowing our tactical edges. smile

PP/S: Qiong thinks Watson may not even have read my letter. Oh i don't care.

PPP/S: Yes Kai, before you ask, I WILL update this blog to cover for the past month SOON.

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