Sunday, 9th October '05


That's it, I did it. I did one of the things I promised, in my exchange application that I would do. I would get all caught up in the winter sports fever. hehe

To cut a long story short - (omgomgomgomgomg) my first real hockey game!! Notice the insertion of the word "real" since I HAVE actually watched recreational teams *kofffujiicecatskoff* play before... but it has nothing on this. To be honest, the atmosphere wasn't quite as electric as I had thought it would be - it was enthusiastic but not deranged, if you know what I mean. The crowd had the kind of enthusiasm you would expect at an RJC rugby match. Quite mostly, but when something actually happened the arena suddenly woke up and screamed...

And the angmohs are so cool... there was the granny (I SWEAR) waving pom poms and jumping up and down like a cheerleader. There were little boys with painted faces and dyed hair... and there was the typical game food... hotdogs (of which Lukas had two, much to the girls' amusement) and fries and whaddayaknow, beer. And all manner of other alcohol, for that matter.

I don't need to tell you guys how excited we were... ok, how excited the girls were. The guys are always pretty relaxed...

So here are some pictures:

A giant inflatable moosehead, of course.

The game was played at the Halifax Metro Centre, with our local team the Halifax Mooseheads being the home team. The visiting team came from St John's, Newfoundland (another Canadian province) and were called the Fog Devils. Gee, I can totally see how the home advantage works now - when the teams enter, the home team was treated like royalty - their mugs got flashed on the big screen, their names were announce individually amidst audience screams, while the visiting team just got on the ice with no one caring. And throughout, really the psychological advantage of knowing the whole stadium's behind you is huge!

And even though the overall quality of the game wasn't that hot, our boys came back with a 6-3 victory. big grin (Ok, David.)

From left: Emma (Australian girl, also on exchange in Dal Law. She's cool.), Rob (from Netherlands, studying Neuroscience on exchange in Dal too) and David (the Swedish meatball. Haha. Also on exchange in Dal Law).

This is where the cool photos start. smile Here we have the players doing an entry lap as the crowd cheers enthusiastically without need of a cheersquad.

"Oh Canadaaa..." - I dunno if it was just me, but it came across as one of the most mournful Anthems I've ever heard. But I loved the way at the last two lines of it the whole stadium erupted cheering - Kind of reminded me how at the end of the RJ Anthem "with God to guide the way" we'd raise our hands in the "S" for "Spirit".

As you see, big sporting events get me going in some kind of cheersquad deja vu.

Gameplay. Our Mooseheads are in white, by the way. Necessarily this means that the Fog Devils were in black, but you already knew that.

And Emma was totally right when she said that "no other game will ever satisfy my need for agression ever again"! Check this out:

It's a large file, but I'm so glad of having taken it, you HAVE to watch it. You will probably hear our excited screams in the background. And yes, Tina wants to marry Forrest (the Moosehead in the brawl). The fights had me and Em pretty high... on the way home from the Metro Centre we shoulder-checking each other into walls and getting into mock fist-fights... after which we tried to get Herman and Rob to start a fight, but to no avail - girls fighting was hotter, they said.

The link probably works best if you save the file to disk instead of just clicking on it.

Late addition: that's to David and his friend back in Sweden, we now have the better fight, with the knock-out punch! *rawr*

And yes, probably the picture all at home have been waiting for. I know I know, you girls want to see German boys. *sigh* It's kinda a crappy picture though, the lighting was kinda bad. Anyways:

Bottom row from left: Zenith (Canadian girl from Prince Edward Island, lives across from me at the YMCA), Tina (Aussie on exchange to Dal Law), Me, Emma, Rob, Dave.
Top row from left (I may get some names wrong): Phillippe, Lukas, Soenke and his new haircut, Herman the German (they're all German, but Herman rhymes!), Unidentified Dude in Black (not from the Y), Ben, Christian (both of whom NOT looking at camera, the bums).

Right then, MSN me for more pictures, stories etc. I've gotta go change before Ryder comes to drive me to Vicki's to thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, *gobble gobble*.

What a weekend. rolls eyes It's awesome.

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hey babe. super happy to read ur update and see that u are having plenty of fun !!!!!!! nice pictures. i feel like watching ice hockey now smile

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