Monday, 10th October '05


A huge THANK YOU to everyone in the Ha Family for having me over for dinner on Thanksgiving. It was excellent! I will wash dishes for you guys any time. smile Just say the word.

Turkey makes me happy. smile We should do this in Singapore, man. Did you hear that Smubs? When I come home we're going to do turkey dinners - and not the way we did it last year at Gnet's (i.e. with Andre garnishing the turkey to death).

And now this online journal, to refresh my Singlish, has "macaam become photoblog already". Wah liao eh.

That's Vic carrying out the pan with Turkey in it.

Auntie Lillian gets ready to take Turkey's temperature

Ervin lifting Turkey off the pan and onto plate. Amidst much cautioning and flustered hand-flapping from all the surrounding women.

Vicki searching for some sort of utensil.

Ryder: "This is the best stuffing ever..."
Auntie Lillian: "Well, you sure know whom to please!"

Ed: Vicki made the stuffing, of course.

This is where it starts to get a bit obscene. This is Vicki digging stuffing out of Turkey's ass.

(She will later proceed to cut off the flap of skin and the head end to create a great big gaping hole that Ryder and I have to clumsily tack together again.)

All together now... AWWW...

Yes, because his photo is up here, Ryder now gets to read this blog. Ok.

Vicki, Debbie and Ryder making pumpkin pie!

We end up putting in twice the recommended about of pumpkin paste, but it tastes amazing anyway. Good job, Vicki! smile

I LOVE Vicki's bread. I really do. Unfortunately she had to go impale it on a knife like one of those babies on a bayonet during the Japanese Occupation.

I believe this picture would best be described as that of the "Young Punks"

The Ha's minus the big brother and plus the boyfriend and the random visitor from Singapore. hehe

The Ha's.

I actually took this photo by accident. But it actually is a decent picture of Ryder in full concentration.

We repaired the hole in Turkey with a couple of toothpicks. Not a bad job, I think.

Auntie Lillain dressed my my plate for me!

Pumpkin Pie! The bit of crust stuck in the cream was Debbie's finishing touch.

Pumpkin pie makes for happy girls. blush

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3 photographs developed.


NICE. Now i'm getting hungry. Waiting for roomie to finish cooking laksa...yay ^^V


Hey En! awesome pics you got there, especially the last one.


Turkey and dinner generally looks amazing. I am back doing online-y things like reading blogs -- and attempting to write them but the system fouled up on me. Did you have problems?

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