Tuesday, 11th October '05

Desmond is the Man.

Yup, taken entirely without permission. smile Thanks, Des. Let me know if you want me to remove this entry. Desmond is the funniest guy in the WORLD. No shit. This is what he last blogged:

(my additions in bold)



1. Singapore is not a state in CANADA.
Thank the Lord I don't have this problem here

2. Yes, contrary to popular belief, english IS our first language.
Right on!

3. We do not kill babies because we only allow couples to have one child.

4. Micheal Fay was not a big deal and we do not anyhow anyhow whip people.
Tzo said her favourite line was "Yes, we caned the little bastard" - and she's not even Singaporean...

5. Singapore is not a state in CHINA.
I've got to hand it to the Canadians / Germans / Aussies / Swedes I've met here - no one's asked me this yet. It's really just the stupid Americans that think they're the centre of the universe.

6.Yes, we all come from the same AWESOME high school, and we did not attend Singapore american school.
Oh yeah... Raffles Raffles pa buay dou...

7. Singlish is not an official language. Neither is Singlease, nor canto.
Damn straight. If one more person asks me about Canto, I swear I will smack him.

8.They do not make us eat shit in the army.(although we have sai-gang)
Classic Desmond humour. You gotta love him!


And allow me to add in something:

9. No you can't buy chewing gum in Singapore, yes I'm ok with that, and no I don't know the fine. Although my Malaysian source tells me if you bring it in commercial quantities it's $7800 flat.

10. I'm not a member of the Lee dynasty. Really!

11. No, I do NOT always study till 3 in the morning. (It appears even here I can't shake off the mugger toad look.)

But seriously, it's really exciting to be overseas and be able to talk proudly of home. It's just slightly funny sometimes when things we take so easily for granted and never really question (like the mandatory death penalty - who cares if not for GP Essays?) are huge deals to other countries.

And it's probably something to think about, but when we ask other people about their countries I'm sure they have the same *duh* reaction deep down inside.

I love being abroad. smile

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bwahhah rright on enz.. i agree with the canto bit..gets on my nerves. and they are so shocked when i am effectively bilingual. jinny was shocked our signs in singapore were in ENGLISH..i asked her what she thought the signs would be in? Singlish? imagine 'airport dees waay lah' for a sign.


hey signs in singlish will be cute! why do i suddenly think it's not that bad afterall.. LOL


But u're the pro. You're supposed to know how to add moods to my blog. TSK. crazy


*ROTFL* oh man limin. that was hilarious. 'airport dis way laah' indeed *lol* (and look you made me spill my coffee *LOL*)

ok en, your duty is discharged ^^V and i've got an exam like SOON and i'm minorly freaking out *sigh* ah well. take care and i'll see you onlline as usual haha.


might i also add that one of my friends took a course on asia and mixed up shanghai/hongkong/singapore together O_o you wouldn't believe it. He called SG the pearl of the orient (HK) and then he changed it to the New York of China (Shanghai..) O_O It was hilarious. And then when i drew the map he poked a hole in japan tellingme that was where singapore is (on his third guess)

I was terribly, terribly amused. *Grin*


[limin] if we ever had "airport dees waay lah" for a sign i SWEAR the traffic will stop moving.

[kai] someone else correct me if i'm wrong, but the mood thing has to be inherently in the blogger program, unless u feel sufficiently skilled to write your own program for it. and even in that case, i'm not even sure if the part with which u input your code is capable of reading the programming language. see, that's why i use greymatter. so much more highly customisable. smile

[qiong] i had a duty? haha. eh, as of now i NEED to see you online. *bounce bounce* and yeah, i would have died laughing at the bugger. pearl of the orient. *snort*


can we have some silly girly happy updates on the blog please? shocked crazy hehe


hello! I can't seem to update my blog! I even did (most of) that quiz and now I can't put it up.(also, why don't our main URLs automatically direct to the index page?) What silly girly happy updates?


[limz] um, no, sorry. and u're not allowed to talk about it here either. you're not the only people that read this blog.

[tzo] i know! the index thing is annoying... took me forever to figure out why my archives were not updating right! are u having trouble with the greymatter? coz what i had to do was to change all the local paths to reflect qiong's new user ID. and i had to re-CHMOD a bunch of files...

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