Monday, 17th October '05

At Least I'm Doing My Laundry


Boys have overtaken the basketball courts and turned it into a soccer field. I'm halfway across the globe and nothing's changed from being in Singapore. Just substitute skinny 'mads ("mats"? "mds"? Does anyone even know how to spell that word?) with large angmohs. Or replace the former with "deranged 'Team Raffles' boys with floorball sticks", if you prefer.

Plus, I walked in on the game for 2 seconds and kena whacked in the chest with a stray soccer ball. Does that remind anyone of Council Cup? (Although I'm still rather proud of saving that goal. blush And it was the first and last time I've played soccer.)

Bahhhh. plain

And so now I need to find a distraction to substitute my planned hoop-shooting expedition. I have already put laundry in the wash (at least the boys have made me slightly more productive) and will soon finish off this blog. Perhaps I should go and practice Luigi. I spent more time than I should have watching "You Got Served" last night - CRAP script, but really good dancing, if you like the hip hop B-boy sort of thing - and am feeling pretty much in need of dance. Which is why I went down to look for ball playing ground anyways. Always thought ball had a lot in common with dance, don't ask me why.

At the very least, I have to stop rambling like this.

Bahhhhhhh. Damn 气死人, can? Don't get me wrong, living here is still a blast, but...

*shakes fists at sky*

Next time i git my ass down there at zhunzhun the exact time the gym opens.

P/S. I apologise for excessive Singlish use. But whatever I am unable to use here I tend to make up for online. You will soon see me MSN-ing like a bloody lian. Kaoz.

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4 photographs developed.


hheehe chill babe smile
i'm in a pissy mood today so i wont aggravate urs smile we cant have 2 pissy smubs across the pacific ocean can we? crazy sad


whyever not? rolls eyes two pissy girls are better than one, are they not?

anyways it worked out pretty well, i went down yesterday and then actually got to play a GAME. a GAME!! woo. (yes, tzo) was very pleased self, though of course got ass kicked by canadian boys. bahh.


for a slacking little law student who is often online..u dont update ur blog much! *nudge nudge* hehe


haha. just when i decided i would start working a bit harder (i.e. just be a law student, minus the slacking bit). don't worry, i came up with a new entry idea last night - i just put it on the backburner a bit so i could do my "sale of goods" readings. will get to it a bit later.

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