Saturday, 29th October '05

Pumpkin Parables

So I have decided to shove the International Law assignment for tonight. Is after all, a FRIDAY. Everyone's out and partying, so I consider I've been pretty decent in comparison.


Haha, it's my first real halloween ever, and I'm pretty high now that I've had my first pumpkin carving experience! - I don't supposed skinning the pumpkin from PEI really counted. Did this one together with Emma and Tina, and we're pretty darned proud of how it turned out:

Good, eh? satisfied

Canada seems to have a lot of fun little holidays to celebrate... although Halloween took a slightly less-fun turn when Emma and I went a-hunting for costumes yesterday, only to discover that everything was exceedingly expensive. Boo.

But that's not going to rain on my pumpkin parade! Enjoy the following photoblog:

Tina and Emma with the pre-scarified pumpkin.

Me getting the strings and seeds out of the pumpkin. The insides of a pumpkin smell a surprising lot like persimmon.

The Dalhousie Crest! Done by a couple of the other guys... I was pretty impressed! They really slaved over it and it looks amazing.

The full line-up. Not half bad, considering that most of us international types had never seen a real Halloween before, and were carving our first pumpkins. Keep a lookout for Nemo, Snoopy, and one of my personal favourites, the scary tree.

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7 photographs developed.


that's great! I love the scary tree -- it appears in Something Positive (a webcomic I read). I can't remember whether I've ever carved a pumpkin... rolls eyes


haha..dun think i've ever carved a pumpkin either. btw all the pumpkins looked damn good!!envious..


Awesome pumpkins! Good job~ Looking pretty pretty you. wink


hey nice ones! mine just had smiley faces on them bwahhaha smile and i like the scary tree razz razz


i wanna carve a pumpkin too!! the only things i get to carve here are erm, watermelons..


heh... i got a feeling that would be a bit... juicy. smile


i tink its VERY juicy.. will end up with juice instead..

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big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
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sleepy hehe LOL
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