Saturday, 5th November '05

Halloween @ Domus

I know, I know, I should be doing more writing instead of slapping everyone with photoblog-ish things. But there isn't a whole lot to say that isn't encapsulated by photos.

Anyhow, I finally dragged my lazy, cheapskate, International Law-ed out ass for a Halloween Party (and the next day I pinched a poster off the Weldon walls for a keepsake -shhh!). Thank goodness for Emma's jammies and slippers, as they made a fantastic last minute costume. Baskerville also saw his first night out on the town, although I think he might have been a bit traumatized by a combination of the above:

1. James (a first-year) who dressed up in bloodied scrubs and walked around holding another stuffed dog with it's head torn off. And excellent costume idea, but I don't think Baskerville appreciated it when the head of the other dog started to introduce itself.

2. The absurdly tall Swedish sailor (I mean it, a real SAILOR, and he wasn't even in costume - Halifax is a naval town after all) who kept dropping by and bopping poor Baski on his head. HARD. Yeah, sailor-dude was a nice guy but slightly strange - or drunk. You can never tell.

3. Matt's kiss. sleepy Slightly worrying, that Matt.

You DO know I'm losing it when I being to personify my soft toys. I now have to get back to the joys of reading old Hansard copies. Photos for your viewing pleasure:

The finished costume. A rush job, but pretty decent, I suppose.

Emma's little doggie slippers.

With Emma the flapper - it's a 1920's woman, and no, I didn't know that till recently either.

People in costume! I love Oscar the Grouch!

Sparring Taylor the Ninja. You have no idea how hard it is to explain the culture behind the word "忍" until you try.

And finally, a little video of what karaoke at the Domus is all about. And no, of course the guy on the lead mic didn't manage to make it for 8:30am Immigration and Refugee Law class the next day! Need you even ask?

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3 photographs developed.


I'm first to tag! i check it regularly ok... Since i've been stuck at home with nothing else but my TV and books. Heheh. MISS U LOTS!! wink


yay nice pics! the beauty of halloween is that u can dress up as anything and get away with it. did u make out with MATT?? whooooeeeee... whozzat? shocked LOL crazy razz


babs... no, um baskerville did. geez.

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