Wednesday, 16th November '05

A Perfect Day

If you haven't yet seen the "Cheap, Sweet Shots Part II" entry, head to the "Archive" (yes, click on it) and check it out first. Still love you, Babs darling.

Anyhow, today was an extrodinarily good day. I have a general sort of floating happiness about me tonight, so here I go, sharing the joy. Sorry Jia, I know I promised some provocative pictures, but this entry cut in a bit early wink So here are the stories for the day: -


Episode 1: "En Ying Fried Egg"

It all started with me waking up too late to make it for Immigration class - this is the kind of thing that makes Mum worry about me. I completely forgot to set my alarm for the day. So by the time I had woken up, class was already in session (just barely, but I couldn't be arsed to go in late) and I had a craving for strawberries and yoghurt. Of course the craving triumphed - I'm on exchange, after all - and I went happily to the kitchen to see about that promising breakfast.

Only to find Hermann frying eggs in the kitchen, making it all greasy and smelly. A Hermann who was uncharacteristically chirpy (an actual sentence, "Good Morning, En Ying!", as opposed to his usual grunt) and chatty. Which was nice. It got more amusing as Hermann left only to be replaced by a sleepy Lukas, and who hates getting the smell of kitchen on his clothes. Of course, right when Lukas was done telling me about the smell of his clothes, Hermann reappeared and (I assume because he knew Lukas well enough) immediately tried to frame me for absuing Lukas' olfactory senses. You have to have been there to appreciate the absurdity of it all: me, standing there innocently slicing strawberries and Hermann (whom by all accounts is a BIG Friendly Giant type of guy), holding a greasy plate smeared with egg yolk, arm stuck out and finger jabbing the air in my direction, going "En Ying, En Ying fried egg!"



Episode 2: "Take That, George Bush!"

So yes, Immigration being missed, I had to make it for International Law. First time I've done my readings ahead of time in the past couple of weeks - I had kind of let International become my backburner subject in lieu of getting together a Major Paper presentation on the Mandatory Gunshot Wounds Reporting Act. As a side note I got an email from a classmate saying how much she enjoyed my presentation - woohoo! smile

Anyhow, I actually understood the whole International seminar today - stuff on State Responsibility. Excellent. I felt smart, which isn't easy to feel during International Law. Usually the class strays off on huge digressions involving heated arguments about the Former Yugoslavia, Military Activities in Nicaragua (and other unpronouncable African countries) and my personal favourite because for a good 3 lessons I thought they were talking about "South Columbia", the Softwood Lumber dispute. Hee.

International Law today also finished off with the return of our take-home assignments from over Halloween. OMG, my first ever A+ in my law school life!! And I think what was REALLY the best thing about it was that Emma got an A+ too, so we decided to head out for a celebration. TIM HORTONS! blush And we were sitting there, drunk with success, as it were, grinning stupidly at each other over our doughnuts and muffins and breaking out into random "heeheehee!"s eveytime we thought about the pending joy of telling mothers and friends back home the good news. And hoping to run into Dave or Matt to haolian.

Just goes to show that you can never go wrong with criticising (ok, slamming) the unilateral use of force in Iraq, whatever the opinion of the UK's Attorney General might be.


Episode 3: "Salad"

Dinner time. I have the best salad recipe now:

4 large leaves of Romaine lettuce
8 cherry tomatoes (halved)
1 slice processed orange chedder (broken into little bits)
1 ripe avocado (diced)
Drizzling of olive oil and dash of pepper
Secret Ingredient a.k.a. MAPLE SALMON

Maple Salmon is perhaps the most representative food of Atlantic Canada next to lobster! Well, by my reasoning anyhow. Smoke atlantic salmon marinated in maple syrup, what more could you ask for?

And while making the salad, I ran into poor Sebastian who's suffering from a sore throat. I convinced him to try some Pepsi with salt. He was mortified - another amusing moment for me.


Episode 4: "Where's the Fire?"

And it happened AGAIN. The infernal fire alarm went off AGAIN (for a pictorial documentation of what happened the last time, please click on "Soenke's 'Fire' Pictures" under Hammer on the Camera). This time we all knew what to expect, so it was a little less awkward as we huddled outside on the steps. I think we were all a lot more used to the cold as well. People also took more time to dig out and bring their essentials down for the Fire Fun.


I swear, if there ever was a REAL fire, we'd all be burnt to a crisp.

And I was half-jokingly asking who's fault the alarm's going off was this time (previous occasions have been attributable to someone's bad cooking skills and someone else's basketball hitting a smoke detector). I expected some mutual finger-pointing from all the cigarette / marijuana smokers in the house. What I did NOT expect, was to be diaoed in a completely cheap shot way.

Philipp: I think it was the shoes on the 3rd floor.
[Overly enthusiastic guffaws from assorted Germans.]

(Yes, being the only Asian means being the only one who doesn't wear shoes in her room.)

Na bei.

Anyhow, the fire trucks pulling up tonight were a lot less spectacular than the last time. Even the firemen had this slightly "I don't believe this" look on their faces. And when they were emerging from the building, I actually did something I always wanted to do: I hollered "where's the fire?" at a fireman! Haha. You know how people always use that phrase in jest about others who are running about in a hurry. And this fireman actually relied with a weary-sounding "No fire..." rolls eyes

Cheap thrill, I know. Got Limin already, why do I still want to diao innocent firemen?

And Zenith and I got some pretty good pictures of us climbing onto the back of the fire truck while the firemen were all up the building. The silly boys were still stuck photographing with the front of the truck - and we actually got ON it.

Again, I know that was a cheap thrill.


Episode 5: "Repeat after me - Longan..."

I don't know if I blogged about this previously, but Zenith and I had a little "food exchange programme" going on a few weeks back. It all started with her taking me on a tour of Sobey's (local NTUC Fairprice equivalent, without the union connotations) and showing me all the local goodies that she liked which I hadn't seen in Singapore before. Stuff like Havarti cheese, dill flavoured tuna, So Good (brand of organic soy milk with various flavourings) and pre-packaged smoothies. In turn, I brought her to the good old Chinese Grocery and showed her 10 pound bags of rice, lup cheong, roasted peas (you know, the Tong Garden variety) and the seasonal fruit, longan.

In anycase, I bought a can of longan and I promised to give her some when I finally decided to open it. Which was tonight.

So yes, I opened it and shared it with her and Kelci (and Soenke who later swung by in his horrific tapered German trackpants). It was hilarious... longans are so common to us back home, I never really thought about how I would describe them to anyone. You should have seen Zen's and Kelci's faces... suspiciously sniffing at the longans, spearing them with forks, suspiciously looking at them, taking a nibble... they're just longans, for Chrissake's! What I thought was a simple case of "here, try some of this!" turned into a full-fledged adventure:

Zen: They're like... grapes.
Me: Err...
Zen: With more fibre
Me: I guess the texture is...
Zen: I know! They taste like pear!
Kelci: They um... *mumbles something about grapes*
Me: I don't know how to describe them, they're just basic fruits... [I mean, you try describing what an apple tastes like]
Soenke: What's that, lychee? [Pronounces it lee-chee]
Me: LAI-chee. But no, longan.
Soenke: [Is the most decisive one of the lot and just pops one right in] [a pause] ... it's actually pretty good! What do you call this again - Logan? [Pronounces it like Wolverine's real name]
Me: [sighs heavily]

(Did they all think I was going to poison them with my dubious Chinese fare?!)

Heh. I'm not complaining, it was a lot of fun sharing a bit of home with these other nice people. smile It was just so amusing. I guess Zen must have found me really funny when I was marvelling at the variety of frozen food at Sobey's too.

In any case, the "here, try this!" incident turned into an "hour-long standing in the corridor talking" incident. Which was cool. I got to try the coffee cupcakes from Kelci's Mum, analyse the oddity that it cost more to take a bus to Cape Breton (where Kelci's from) than to take a bus across the freaking long bridge to Prince Edward Island (where Zenith's from), celebrate Soenke's successful application for an internship at Volkswagon's office in China, marvel at Kelci's amazing drawing of Orlando Bloom, and get all excited with Zen about her pending exchange to Canberra in Australia and how she's going to come to Singapore in June!


Episode 6: "Quintessence Review!!!"

The Flying Inkpot's Malcom Tay came to watch the Next Wave 2005, and wrote us a review! Read it here.

I like his reviews because they're well-thought out and appreciative while still being strict. And I don't know why I felt so good about it, but it's like this production which I put so much effort into was recognised on a semi-professional level. Even if I wasn't dancing in it, I felt it was as much mine as anyone else in the cast. And so I felt proud that it got 3.5 stars, half a star up from last year's show, and on par with 2002's show.

And I'm still honoured to say I'm from NUS DE, despite all our stupid sagas.


en ying snapped a shot of life @ 04:09 am
[5 photographs developed.]

5 photographs developed.


i resent the 'got limin already why do i need to diao innocent fireman'

like HELLO! crying


hahah also congrats on that A+ ..ur friends in canada sound so amusing razz razz


you resent what resent?! pple thinking of you also you don't like. and yesh, the people here are great!

oi. don't forget my CNY goodies when you get back to singapore in jaunary!


are there are food restrictions to canada we should be aware off? big grin

cant u think of me in a more positive way? not in a compare-to-innocent-fireman way.... sad


i don't think so... wink and that's the answer to both questions!

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