Friday, 25th November '05

Angela and Shortcuts

Since I have been spending too much time being a bum this semester, I now have some catching up to do. Pass-fail, I try to tell myself, but I'm inherently a nerd (as the G-unit would constantly remind me), so I'm actually trying to study.

So yes, to keep everyone entertained, I've decided to take a lazy-assed shortcut. Here's my latest MSN conversation with Angela:

7:00 hehehe... so what u up to?

en ying "ny in dec, sabbie. smile"
7:01 writing a major paper
01:13 on the wisdom of mandatory gunshot wound reporting in the health care profession

7:01 wow... that's cool

en ying "ny in dec, sabbie. smile"
7:01 (while everyoone else discusses drinking plans)

7:01 how long is the paper gonna be?

en ying "ny in dec, sabbie. smile"
7:01 supposed to be 25-40
01:56 i think i'm going to overshoot it as usual

7:02 pages?

en ying "ny in dec, sabbie. smile"
7:02 yeah

7:02 PAGES?

en ying "ny in dec, sabbie. smile"
7:02 YEAH
02:20 what did u think, sentences?

7:02 man... that's a lot isn't it?
02:28 no, words

en ying "ny in dec, sabbie. smile"
7:02 double spaced?

7:02 oh ok... i suppose it's not too bad double spaced
02:54 plus if you're gong to overshoot

en ying "ny in dec, sabbie. smile"
7:03 play with the margins

7:03 yeah that's always a good trick aye
03:28 how far along r u?
03:42 (why do i feel like i'm talking to a pregnant woman)

en ying "ny in dec, sabbie. smile"
7:03 lol
04:02 in the 2nd trimester, i think
04:13 it's kinda finished implanting itself and all

7:04 lol

en ying "ny in dec, sabbie. smile"
7:04 it's kind of growing along

7:04 yes, that's good, that's good

en ying "ny in dec, sabbie. smile"
7:04 when i finish the last section (hopefully tmrw)
04:40 then it'll be time to start contractions
04:45 and make it fit in the limit

7:04 n um... do u know what you're going to call it?

en ying "ny in dec, sabbie. smile"
7:04 and then
05:01 a lot of labour in cleaning it up

7:05 hahahaha

en ying "ny in dec, sabbie. smile"
7:05 (why do i have a feeling this metaphor has gone too far?)

7:05 a lil bit
05:24 hehehe

I kind of miss those days in JC (post Drama-frickin'crazywasn'tit?-Fest) where we'd (with Tzo) have these absurd conversations on a daily basis. Green lightbulb. big grin

en ying snapped a shot of life @ 08:14 pm
[9 photographs developed.]

9 photographs developed.


gosh put u and angela together and u get these kinda weird conversations. u two need help. i kinda miss our monday lunches with ivan..remember those? blush memories .... hehe

Crazy Woman:

yes, we must have more absurd conversations... they are absolutely, delightfully... um... absurd?

(there, i've tagged u... happy now? happy?!!)... although i really shouldn't be antagonistic to women in labour...


AAWWWW... i miss ivan!! yeah i remember those. just the 4 of us lucky clowns who ended early on mondays...

and limin, u're RABID lah. angela was supposed to get the first tag - i msged her right after i posted. i dunno HOW the heck u beat her to it.


i just happened to be here. and i'm NOT rabid. i'm committed razz


angela!!! is it THE angela?! omg!


please tell me the green lightbulb thing you are talking about ain't the thinking process stuff we did in sec 1? *lol* harlow dear. Where's your mike newell review ^^




'tis indeed, qiong. Times with angela are always absurd, you end up doing serious play scripts in indian accents until your director yells at you.


on the point of green lightbulbs: heeheeeheeee

on the point of yelling directors: HEEHEEEHEEEEE

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