Sunday, 27th November '05

I Love Mike Newell.

Good Saturday, last night.

1. I was productive - wrote major paper!! It now totals 40 pages and I have to start contractions - and I will WILL finish up a first draft tonight! *crosses fingers*

2. Had a good dinner at the Economy Shoe Shop. Expensive dinner which totalled CAN$25 with tax and tip. But it was pretty worth it, I think, as we all believed (or at least asserted vehemently) that we deserved it for all our hard work during the whole saturday - if I remember right, there was really a continuum of how much work we did to earn that dinner. Em: 10 pages of major paper; Me: 5 pages of major paper; Dave: 2 pages of major paper (granted he could score extra points for actually going to the library); Hermann: 3 powerpoint slides (haha).

It was one of those evenings running around the Barrington / Arglye area looking for food, realising that no one had been there completely sober for a long time, and then ending up at the good ol' Shoe again because of the lure of $19 Striploin.

3. And then, of course, Goblet of Fire.

Yeah, I know Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has received mixed criticisms - and frankly I haven't read any other reviews on this movie, so this might be completely off the mark. But I REALLY REALLY liked it. Best movie I've seen this year, at least.

At some times the movie was spoilt by the annoying boys from the Motherland who happened to have a seat next to me. Good grief, they had comments in their accented Chinese for EVERYTHING. Like, as Nagini slithered out: 哇,蛇好长哦!When the credits came out: 是 Harry Potter 呀! Dude, the next time I want a running commentary and don't know what movie I'm in, I'll ASK you. Perhaps they thought no one else would understand them, and that would indeed have made it less aggravating. I think they drove me mad not just because of the incessant nattering, but because I DID UNDERSTAND THEM and they were making such retarded comments.

Bloody gits. And THEN one of them put his feet up on the back of the chair in front of him - how RUDE is that since there was someone sitting in front and his feet were above her head. And then he started SHAKING his legs. Turned my seat into a frickin' OSIM CHAIR.

So eventually I turned around and in my best, politest Chinese, told them to shut up. big grin Don't get me wrong, I'm not feeling anti-PRC generally. Zhong Lei and Gao Lu and everyone else are excellent - I just think the mainland tends to produce some fine specimens. Grr. Heh, the Smubs and the 401 people have probably heard this grouse too many times.

Right-o! got no time or energy for a full review, so just quickly now: (spoilers ahead)

- Opening scene with Nagini and the murder of Frank Bryce - great styling, excellent way to set the tone. Speaking of the tone, I loved the colours and the darkness and the designs of things like the dark mark. Overall, that's what I loved about the movie... the stylized way it was shot.

- Quidditch World Cup - possibly the only thing I could really complain about other than Cho Chang. I would have loved to see the game and let them give a bit more to Krum's character. Director's cut, maybe. It was a good introduction of the concept of the portkey, though, and very time-efficient. Also loved the chaos scene where the death eaters came in, and the displaying of the dark mark. Again, very stylized. I also like that they cut out the houseelves - those creatures creep me out.

- School scenes: all round good humour and endearing portrayals by the cast. Moody was impeccably cast and honestly, EXACTLY right. Barking mad. Also enjoyed the entry by the Beuxbatons girls and Durmstrang boys immensely - the direction of that was great! The prancing, butt-waggling girls were such a lovely parody of highclass boarding schools, and the Durmstrang boys looked exactly like I imagined.

Harry and Ron trying to ask girls out was also hilarious. Fred and George were the customary clowns and no, Qiong, I can't see how you think those two are hot.

Triwizard Tournament: What I really appreciated about his was how Mike Newell, with very very limited time, managed to capture the danger and gravity associated with the tasks so well. I even think he did it better than the books, and I was cringing in my seat half the time. Brilliant.

Cho Chang / Fleur: Probably the most miscast characters in the whole show, but because they were so inconsequential to the plot it really didn't make much difference. Fleur... I would just say was insufficiently alluring to be a part Veela, but acting was passable. Cho... just gives Chinese girls a bad name. Reminded me of Hermann imitating the girl from the Motherland in his class - act cute buay cute, and impossibly coy.

Krum: Somewhat unremarkable. A physical being, as Hermione put it. A pity that all the scenes that gave him character were didn't make it to the move, Krum was a pretty cool character.

Diggory: Qiong, I'm seriously disappointed. What happened to "he's so hot the cinema gasped"? He did look like just another well-scrubbed school boy, who just carried himself better. But short of that he did a great job playing the character, and somehow Mike Newell managed to set him up as the school's golden boy with far more effectiveness than Rowling did in the book. What started to disturb me halfway through the show, though, was this question: "Does anyone think that Diggory looked like LUCAS LUK TIEN WEE?" Seriously, I'm not kidding. He reminded me of a skinny version of my mutton-chop third-brother. (Luk, perhaps you could take that as compliment. wink.)

The Pensieve: ooh, I like the way that instrument came out. The silvery threads and Karkaroff and the exposing of Barty Crouch Jr. I wished they hadn't cut out Bellatrix Lestrange, though. I would really have wanted to see what she looked like.

- Return of Voldemort: Love Ralph Finnes, heh. Creepy and evil. Love the graveyard set. Creepy and evil. Loved the cinematography and direction. It was all just so well set up.

The only part I didn't like was how accelerated the wand-connection duel was. It was a huge climax in the book and admittedly the movie did showcase the most important parts of it, but still didn't give me the desired effect.

- Bringing back Cedric's body: my favourite scene of all. I won't even try to describe it, but it was one of those magical moments created by sensitive directing and careful cinematography. Again I appreciated this scene so much because it was more powerful than the book - which is pretty hard to do. Dumbledore did good with the funeral too - it wasn't just one of those melodramatic speeches you see in feel-good movies. Generally the movie closed well too.

Yay. I'm done. Back to major paper.

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I loved GOF too! even if so many others didn't.. but i disagree and think that ChoChang has on screen Xfactor. Charmiiinnggg... rolls eyes


i love the movie too!! great stuff!


ahaha i havent watched it so i should. smile oh well all the best with ur contractions razz


watch watch watch. really worth the money. even if i had to pay in canadian dollars.

cho chang? please lah, she's friggin' cheenafied. preety yes, but even the way she spoke was strange. and impossibly coy. i just didn't find it convincing that harry would have been so head over heels about her when that's how she played the character.

it's also going to be quite unbearable in the next movie when she's continually crying over cedric. i'm a harry-ginny supporter, see. (sorry ningz, wink)


i liked voldemort's nose. (or lack of it) and hermione is the loveliest thing alive.


um, cho was northern, that's why she spoke like that. I haven't much to say about the coyness, but just so you know the accent wasn't some kind of weirdo acting, if that's what you meant. At least the scene was cringe-worthy, realisticaly like any other teenage encounter with an object of interest!


HAHAHA. En. For that statement i think you'll have ningz after you with a cudgel ^^ I'm safe cos i'm a siri/remmie shipper *LOL* ^^V

eh. Diggory was cute lah. You dunno how to appreciate!!! pity. haha. I thought the triwizard thign could be sligtly shorter though. A leeetle bit too drawn out, but otherwise okay.

And you mean cho's supposed to have an irish (?) accent? wow, i never knew that. It was terribly weird, seeing that she's chinese and then hearing that kind of accent O_o And yes couldn't stand her ^^;;;

now onward to NARNIAAAAA ^^/


she wasn't from anywhere in particular in the book I think, but the actress was from oop north somewhere (not ireland) and I reckon they just didn't bother getting her to change her accent.

I don't really like harry with ginny, or cho, or anyone really. He has a job to do, man.

I thought diggory was cute too!

What am I doing here? Do I not have work to do, fish to watch, applications to turn into a crumbling heap over? Hmm.


of all the harry discourse, i think the only one i agree with is jem. on both counts.

cho... she doesn't have an irish lah. it was just halting and strange. north like what... north china? i'm just disappointed coz i always envisioned her as a pretty cool character till diggory died.

and no. diggory NOT cute. but got a bit of sei, i'll give him that. I STILL SWEAR HE LOOKS LIKE LUCAS. doesn't anyone else think so? if no one backs me up on this i will soon do an investigative piece making comparisons a la dawn yeo (or yang).

and no, i am completely ambivalent about dawn yeo. i don't even know her.


you are a harry-ginny supporter? my gosh... Did you notice that in this film, Ginny appears quite a few times even though she does not have to.

about cho... she's a hua ping (vase)... well... she's scottish, so naturally her scottish accent is pretty obvious. if she doesn't speak, she's pretty ok.

i have two complains about this film, 1. they cut out scenes that I wanted to see. (qiong you know which ones and en.. don't ask). 2. there isn't enough magic... oh and it is hard to follow if you do not know the story.

but I still recommend it! coz i think it would be the last hp movie, i want to watch


which scenes???

and yeah lah, huaping.

and i totally agree about the story. but i kinda gave up on that already. impossible to bring all the proper elements of the story into the show. probably that's why i appreciated the fact that it was done stylized? it was sort of like "inspired by the book", and not the book itself.

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