Friday, 9th December '05

Pointless Nostalgic

Kaoz. I had the worst WORST study date ever. I used to think studying with clowns like Smub was funny enough - Limin and the power naps, Henghwa and the bouncing basketballs, Bert and his incorrible inability to make any study date on time, Gnet and her continual distraction (sorry the rest of you, but I can only really recall the study sessions with the Smub pioneers)...

But today I discovered the worst study-buddies ever. These two bring bumming to a completely new level:

David Per Johan Leffler and Emma Jane Stapleton, you are not forgiven. But I mean that in a warm and fuzzy way.

Funny thing is, I didn't quite care if I was losing valuable study time. Things get put a little more into perspective when you're on exchange - every time I want to sacrifice something to study a bit more I do this little on-the-spot balancing act and decide if I want to study (something I already think I have tried many times) or try something new / talk to people I might only ever get to talk to face-to-face for a couple more weeks / learn something different... and it's amazing how often the balance comes down in favour of NOT studying.

Essentially, when there is no will (to study), there really is no way. No way whatsoever.

The irony of it all is that I left the room simply to FORCE myself to study. Somehow Dave managed to give me the impression we were going to Dal to get some work done. Perhaps I assumed it from the "I need to return library books" and "Matt's already there studying". And the fact that I wasn't corrected when I said "yeah, I should probably got down with you guys so I can be forced to get some work done".

Wah liao, kena conned. By the time we all met up at Second Cup it was like "study? Who said anything about study? We're going to get coffee."

And so we did get coffee - for the next 3.5 bloody hours. (Except for Matt who managed to tear himself away to get back to the library, amazingly.) After which we decided we were too lazy to cook, and Emma just got suckered into coming with us to Jean's Chinese Restaurant for dinner. There went another hour or so.

(Does anyone know what the hell Singapore Noodles is anyway? I ordered it for the sheer heck of it - and it turned out to be beehoon in curry and prawns and charsiew and taogay. Where in Singapore can we get that?)

So yes, that was the whole of today in a nutshell. Jabbering about anything under the sun and talking about life back home, bitching and planning spring break (Qiong and JnJ, there may be a change of plans since all of you say there ain't much in Michigan) and I have no idea what the hell else. But so worth it, really.

It's also kind of struck me how much closer I am to some of the folks I've met here in 3 months than I am to people I've known for years back home. And how sad it is that most of them are leaving so soon and I don't know if I'll ever see them again. I'm not by nature very soppy, but the this darned sweet and mushy G-Unit Remembrance Page started me thinking. About how even if I haven't hung out with them all that much there's still a sort 依依不舍 about them leaving after they've been the people I've lived with for the past months. About how it's just been half my exchange period but it's been entirely too fast. About all the new people and new scenes and things I've learnt. About... gah. Nevermind. Sebastian says in Europe they have a saying that you always meet people twice, because when you say goodbye you also always say you will meet again. Of course it doesn't happen.

But I guess life always moves on, eh?


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7 photographs developed.


because i can't be bothered to type another entry, for everyone who hasn't seen hanting's latest blog post, please do.

i still haven't stopped laughing.


dunno why but i started looking thru ur photos and gosh, i miss those days! i want an enz's breakfast!! -berrywhine-



Long time no hear!
MIss ur ass!

Kaav cool eh?


[bert] nowadays enz breakfasts tend to consist of cereal and milk (remember sydney! hahha) but rest assured when i come home i'll cook u the full works. dajie's the best, right? -berrysmirk-

[kaav] KAAV?! holy shit, is that YOU? i hear from vicki u're doing well in seattle... add me on msn or something...


haha, yay! dajie's the best!
-berrycheer- razz


I would just like to let everyone know that, contrary to the impression given by numerous blog entries, I am not corrupting En Ying!! We are simply having some fun big grin


good tag, em! big grin

nah, i don't feel corrupted at all... being, um, educated.

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