Saturday, 10th December '05

*Takes a Huge Breath of Air and Screams*:


OH MY WORD it finally came. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY!! SNOW. Glorious, beautiful, white, flakey, cold, wet, muddy, slushy, deep, smooshy SNOW. If you think I've gone nuts, you're probably right. Dage, I know you think I'm nuts and that it'll grow old fast. And I also gather you're probably right. But for now...


*bounce bounce* *poof*

Tzo's going to say something about the 2 year old kid, and this time she wouldn't be too far off the mark. But I think since it's the first time in my life I've seen REAL snow - not just the teeny patches of ice in the Grand Canyon but sheets of real snow, all gorgeous 25 cm of it, I think I'm entitled to some slack.

It was another one of those moments where you realize your perception of the world came mostly from the gogglebox and even if I know what snow's supposed to look like, I never really knew for myself what it looked like? I apologise for once again quoting John Mayer, but the line "the TV is your window pane, the view won't let you down" (a line written with sarcastic undertones in the song "Great Outdoors") comes to mind.

I've never known what it's like to scrunch through the snow in boots and roll around in it making snow angels and pick it up for all it's powdery goodness... now I do. And it's another one of those moments I have to share by trying to "fit the world inside a picture frame" (Ibid. at "3x5" - help, I really AM a nerd).

You're not going to get the full high of it all, but for now, it'll do.

The view from my window. Just look past the big ugly rooftop and the uglier generators, and you'll see... the top bit of the Public Gardens!

That's better. The view from the front steps of the YMCA. That's the Public Gardens for real.

Looks like I won't be riding my bicycle for a while.

Check out the snow banks! Now that's a mother-lot of snow. Qiong, we beat Michigan hands down lah.

One of the prettiest things I've seen here. An ice-covered tree we pass as we reach Citadel Hill.

Matt just about to rugby-tackle the unsuspecting Emma.

My footprint in the snow. Just call me Sasquatch. I'm still amazed how much snow came down in one night, and out of the SKY.

Matt takes the first taste of winter. It's awesome how u can just pluck these great big bars of clean snow off the floor and take a bite.

Me and Emma falling and floundering in the snow.

This is actually quite a model-esque picture of Matt. Taken from my fallen position in the snow. Completely candid too. Looks like it could be a magazine cover, eh; the sky and the lighting and all are just so perfect.

Tina and a couple of other folks from Fenwick arrive bearing the sleds and start climbing the Hill.

And down comes Tina.

A teeny Emma starting down the Hill.

And watch this to see how the rest of Emma's first sled ride turned out.

Me starting up the Hill for my first ride.

And the results of that:

I don't have the pictures of me coming down face-first on the plastic mat thingie, but I think I can get them from Emma or Matt eventually. That was exhilarating smile. Standing at the top of the hill I struck up a conversation with two nice ladies who just out of the blue said - would you like to try this one? And true to my "never refuse an invitation" rule I said ok. Excellent stuff. Just that somewhere along the line I lost control and arms and legs and bits of snow went everwhere. And another one bites the [snow], oww! (Yeah, I've totally lost it.)

Thank you God, for giving us snow! hehe

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11 photographs developed.


hahaha. remind me to show you my sledding photos next time. bloody hilarious haha. ^^

glad you had fun, you kid,you XD


huh. u only have snow now? n no, u dun beat mich hands down.


[qiong] dinner trays... hahahaaa...

[jem] yeah, halifax weather has gone nuts. snow took forever to come and now it's just getting washed away / turned to ice by the rain. no fun liao. so i'm glad i got out yesterday.

[both qiong and jem] studying is driving me nuts. 10 days to new york! (11 for the both of you, muahaha)


i want snow! only get ice here.. and from my fridge only..


bert: HAHAHAHAHAHHA. *waves* harlow. sorry, your comment really TOO FUNNY XD


bert's just got this way of drawing the most absurd analogies of things from canada to things in singapore...

i feel like i'm doing SATs again, like:

if pumpkin : watermelon, snow : ______?

*ok study immigration now*


hey qiong! *big wave!* haha, well its true dun u tink so? and oh i love the hues of the sky u get over there.. wooo!


the snow looks beautiful ..wish we got a huge sheet of snow like that in the blues sad hehe oh well smile have fun! go build a snowman..make it bigger then jem's lousy small one. big grin

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