Thursday, 15th December '05

Stupid Fender

I already cannot afford a nice stratocaster. Now they come and send me this:

(If you know me well enough, you'll know which part of the picture I'm finding so infuriating.)

And of course the contest is only for Americans. *grr*

In other less happening and more mugger-toady ("mugger toad" is Singapore slang for "super nerd") news, the 3 100% finals are done. One more 75% International Law one to go. And then NEW YORK, NEW YOOOORRRRKKKK! So that's pretty good. But that also sucks because it means too many goodbyes will have to be said.

And now the question is what I can do tonight to put off studying a little longer. sleepy

en ying snapped a shot of life @ 09:58 pm
[well, the pictures aren't going to take themselves!]

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