Wednesday, 21st December '05

Santa v. Mom

(Ma, if you're reading this... don't. Will spoil the surprise.)

Entirely not original, I apologise. But this was so funny I couldn't resist sharing it with everyone. This was from a Carlton Card I sent to my mum from Halifax.


- Works one day a year
- His elves make toys
- Gets Letters from Children
- Known for saying "HO HO HO!"
- Belly shakes when he laughs

- Works 365 days a year
- Her kids break toys
- Gets ulcers from children
- Known for saying "NO NO NO!"
- Let's not go there.

It's not even close, Mom. You're the best!


Sweet, eh?

In other news, the Christmas in NYC trip has arrived. At last. big grin

en ying snapped a shot of life @ 10:51 am
[4 photographs developed.]

4 photographs developed.


have a merry one i new york big grin say hi to all the other people u meet up for me and have the time of ur life big grin


happy new year dajie!!!!!!!!! big grin razz hehe


is chickee back from the big apple?


yes. chickee is back from the big apple.

(why am i admitting to this horrible nickname?)

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied