Monday, 16th January '06

Just Try Not to Think With Your Ass

My apologies for a cryptic entry. When you know what it means, you know what it means. Please also refer back to the "Heart Can Be an Ass" entry in the archives.

An entry borne out of the frustration with being a perennial Aunt Agony, I think. smile And maybe reading that "Divorce" chapter for Family Law.

Limin came up with a good line today: "us all stupid kids. that's why we are good friends." Suitably steeped in Singlish sentence structure to represent us too, I guess. WHY oh WHY, are we all such bloody drama-mamas? I don't just mean the girls; our guys also... sibeh jialat. We're completely incapable of flinging around, playing the fool, and just plain enjoying life and being happy. Whatever happened to 拿得起放得下? Relationships aren't supposed to ALL turn out like Days of Our Lives, are they? Smub has too many sagas as it is.

If it's that much pain, if it's that much effort and if it means you're reduced to waiting on an idiot boy who can't seem to get his act together - FERGEDABOUTIT. Yes, I mean if he has no brains / heart / gonads or any other important bodily organ, it's probably not worth the effort. Geez. We're young enough to not have to worry about settling down for the rest of our lives. So all this talk about him being The One (I'm not even sure that's a valid concept anyways) is probably the Ass of a Heart bullshitting you again.

So what I'm thinking right now is: we all need a break lah. All this seriousness is too... serious. We should all go PLAY. Do things without a constant calculation and sitting plucking daisies going "he loves me, he loves me not". If he loves you (or me. Or her) he will just make his mind up one way or another and make it obvious enough. But until he does... there's no need to sit around waiting for his no-balls self to do whatever it is that guys with no balls do.

In the meantime, there are other fish to fry. They'll probably taste pretty good too.

I guess all I'm saying is... Relac One Corner, alrighty? And try not to think with your ass.

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I'm thinking with my ass. I want my brain to work too. sleepy This sucks. but thanks for the entry dajie. I want u to be home now.


I am a withering strawberry. I need LIFE. But i do care too much to wanna let go for now... I need to get my act together. there's so much i KNOW but so little i have the energy to do.


you don't have to do anything, babe. just walk away. choice has been made for you now, hasn't it?

*hug* you'll be ALRIGHT. I PROMISE.

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