Monday, 16th January '06

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Thank you, Def Leppard, for an apt way to describe sweetness.

Thanks also, you lovely girls, for your messages about missing me during the holidays. My holidays were that much emptier without you too. Especially the DHLC (please see below). Though of course being able to spend time with the 401 Centre-Table Gang (we need a better name than this) was awesome too.

If I may, I'd also like redirect you to this particularly controversial entry by the Baboon itself, entitled "Welcome to Club D.H.L.C.".

First off, you will never catch me admitting that Dage is the big boss - I don't care, I'm Dajie, he will not get to make unilateral decisions like this, I too have veto power - but in this case I agree. "Smub" is far too sacred a name to be overthrown like this. We should probably get it trademarked or something. And Dage is also right that if we had a name like "Airporteers" we'd be dead by now. Same goes for "MochaFrappateers" and all other hideous spawn of Limin's Imagination.

The next step would then be to translate Smub into international languages. 思马布, anyone? *falls over laughing*

I don't suppose I'll object to Club DHLC being the subsidiary company. We could incorporate Smub Pte Ltd (ahahah, Bert, do you remember the days the founding members had 20% shareholding each and Limin had 15% so that the other minority shareholders could take 1% each? Shit, that was funny. I can't even believe it's been 4 years since Smub started) and then make it the holding company of Club DHLC Pte Ltd, a wholely-owned subsidiary with Limin as the COO. Heck, we might even need a Malaysian branch to reach out to the absurdly-MIA Lucas. So we could also have Club DHLC (M'sia) Sdn Bhd.

I don't know what just brought on that bout of inanity. I apologise - must be the Chinese New Year spirit creeping in early. Pineapple tart / bakkwa withdrawal symptoms make me go a bit crazy.

Crap, now I've gone all nostalgic. Check out these photos I dug up:

A Christmas ages ago. It was just after the A's, 2002. We looked so young.

Aww... My Handsome Brothers. All I can say is... good genes.

Limin's Bed is the official HQ lah.

Sometime circa 2003. I remember I went back to KR with Jia after this. This is us at LIPS.

I can't BELIEVE how scarily family-like we look in this one. This is Dage's Teochew Dinner!

In other news, Jem and I have decided that you all suck majorly for going to Ministry of Sound without us. The rooms look damn cool lah.

Oh my, I'm a rather prolific blogger today, no?

"Casanova" is also the singularly most crappy film I've seen since... "Dude, Where's My Car". Enjoyable, but so so stupid.

en ying snapped a shot of life @ 11:09 pm
[8 photographs developed.]

8 photographs developed.


wa!! i love those photos! and haha dajie, my territory's safe, no one's gonna ever dispute and fight with me to be the xiaodi razz i tink i shld mega-blog soon, to update you on what i've been doing.. miss ya chickee sis! (ps. NO D.H.L.C pls, havent we learnt our lessons with the 'rotaters'?!)


u'd better love them - they're all yours. smile i scanned them after my bday, remember?

you're wrong lor. now got two blueberries, i also dunno where they fit in the scheme of things.

and you're the biggest DHLC lah you. but i forgot the 'rotators'.

and i'm not very sure i should acknowledge the name "chickee" on this blog, given it's rather... um... varied readership.


i love the photos too!! and xiao di is rite ..u are the chickee..wads there to be ashame of cool! cool eh? chickee business... razz


i'm not MIA!! Jus times when i'm more pre-occupied...but u'll always noe where to find me a phonecall, an email or a letter away. And if u ever gif a shout, u noe i'll be there, chicky (for those who still dun noe yet, CHICKY=KEY=Koh En Ying)! There, hope i've cleared the air for those wondering who we were referring to as 'chicky'. AIn't i always e helpful soul? Wad wld u do w/o me now, chicky? =)


the wisdom of my policy of not censoring comments on this blog is being severely put to the test, i see. confused

and yes lucas... *weary nod* whatever would i do without you...


and me too! whatever wld u do w/o me.. wink


i have never seen anyone fish for compliments as blatently as you silly boys.

haha. and dage, do you know how many people msged me to ask about you and ur columbia... hhaha


u know smth? i still dont remember when we took that christmas photo... big grin

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied