Wednesday, 18th January '06

To Go, Or Not to Go, That Is the Question.

(You might want to see the attached invitation first. Scroll down.)

There's a very high likelihood that the answer will be no. In fact, I can hardly think of anything more intimidating. Not because I don't want to meet people from the CSSA, but because I can imagine gawping like a fish out of water when trying to employ my impossibly rusty Chinese language skills to speak to people from China / Taiwan / Hong Kong and being exposed for being the almost banana-fied (read: yellow on the outside, white on the inside) creature that I am.

I say ALMOST because you will NEVER catch me admitting to be a banana, or a potato-eater (not in the kartoffelkopf sense, but in the chiak-kentang sense), or a guai-lo, or any other of these colourful terms we have to describe Chinese people who simply Cannot Make It. I'm totally not - I even sing Chinese poetry when I'm stressed - Zhihui will remember this: 煮豆燃豆萁。。。

Well, ok, to be perfectly honest, the idea of overly-enthusiastic Asians belting out 上海滩, 月亮代表我的心, or any other of the 2500 classic karaoke favourites - or (heaven forbid) 恭喜恭喜恭喜你呀!- while perpetuaing the unfortunate stereotype of geeky karaoke-monsters? That sends chills down my spine. The advertising a "professional Karaoke machine", trust me, doesn't make it any better. It also conjures up images of cheeko peks lusting after nubile young hostesses amidst pulsating neon lights.

I know, I know, it's DAL. It's not Geylang. But still...

真是令人毛骨悚然。See, I'm becoming more cheenafied already. smile

And what the hell is "Chinese Kongfu dance"? And Hip-Pop? *Worries about deplorable 5566 / Wong Fei Hong amalgamations*

But oh my word, if they have suckling pig? I'm there. I'll even sing 大地回春 or something. Or maybe not. Maybe only if Vicki comes with me - then I will go simply to see her squirm. (Vicki... come for this... *snort*. Tomorrow Georgie-Bush and Sadaam will play golf together. crazy )

Chinese New Year is really my favourite holiday. *happy sigh*


Chinese New Year Party

Organizers: Dalhousie Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

Date & Time: Saturday, January 28, 2006 at 6.30 pm

Place: Student Union Building (SUB), McInnes Room (2nd floor)

Party content:
1. A performance party which consists of Chinese traditional performances such as Chinese Kongfu dance, Chinese traditional dance, Chinese magic, as well as some western performances such as Hip-Pop dance, etc.;
2. This will be followed by a Karaoke party. A professional Karaoke machine is rented for this karaoke party. This machine consists 2,5000 songs including English songs, Korean songs, Chinese songs etc.


Food & drink: Chinese food and drinks will be served in the party.

A lottery will be involved in the party. Major prizes are:
- 1 TV; and
- 3 CD players; and
- tonnes of small presents.


Thanks and CSSA is looking forward to seeing you at the party.

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u should go lah. they will probably put in effort with the food..hehe big grin


Hey girl, this entry is hilarious! haha, like what qiong said, i'm sure that the songs should be better than u expect!!still can;t believe that u sing chinese poetry when u are stressed..hehe..


nah, i'm going to vicki's for a real tuanyuanfan.

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