Wednesday, 18th January '06

My Experiential Night

I wasn't really going to blog this until David gave me the idea to. I was going to read Securities Regulations materials, but you can guess where all the resolve went. I seem to be blogging an extrodinary lot over the past month. It's horrible, I've picked up mammoth procrastinating skills. Buy anyhow...

Rob's (new Australian exchange student from QUT) birthday dinner tonight at the East Side Mario's Restaurant. Possibly the nicest restaurant I've been to in a while - when I say nicest I don't mean that the food was amazing (though it certainly wasn't bad), or that the place had the greatest ambience. I just mean that it was the most family oriented, morally clean and just, you know, nice place I've seen. Cora's doesn't count because no one goes to Cora's at night.

And still it served alcohol. I really don't think an alcohol licence costs very much here. If there is such a thing. Dammit, should come here and open up a Wala Wala's, Babs. People here've got an appetite for EIC-type music too.

But entrepreneural musings aside, the East Side Mario's experience (so aptly put by 3 Canadian girls I met) was amusing, to say the least. Because it was his birthday, poor Rob was made to spin this large, wooden "wheel of fortune" and won a free dessert. I still maintain that here they sing "Happy Birthday" in a very subdued fashion, but I completely declined to give a demonstration of the rousing Singaporean-style. I refuse to be the only person to be in the restaurant going "Happy BIRTHday to RoBEEEERRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!" with the gusto of the groom's buddies yam-seng-ing at a wedding. Phooey.

*Has flashbacks of BenKoh's 17th Birthday and the Rubber Duckie, you're the one! affair.*

And then there was the RAIN. Buckets of RAIN. And us running through the ridiculous RAIN.

Yes yes, it was an EXPERIENCE.

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6 photographs developed.


Dajie, pls dun link my new blog ok? Thanks!


ok. whatever it is, he'll never find out from me.


GEEEZ en. Seriously, 2500 classic favourites does not imply those SUPEr oldies lah. The chinese music scene has moved on quite a bit since then, and if you'd only join us on one of our kbox trips you'll know. *lol* seriously girl. it's probably more modern than you think. And man, if i could go to a cheap kbox alternative i'd be there pronto O_o you lucky thing.


okay tt was meant for the post before this. And en, if they can get a professional karaoke machine, it must be pretty decent. down here we don't even have that, and the last one i went to in illinois cost me USD20 and had a guy inserting cds after every song O_o

sorry i'm just a little touchy cos you've seriously got it quite good there and i miss my kbox T_T


siao lah. me sing karaoke. u all will laugh your heads off lor. don't think i dunno u just want to laugh at me.


and i've SEEN dal's professional karaoke machines - they're effectively big stereo systems which don't project the words anywhere, and come with an over-enthusiastic man who sings by himself until someone gets up to relieve him of his trauma. so he keeps hopping around like a bunny on speed trying to get people to sing.

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