Thursday, 26th January '06

I'm in a New York State of Mind

I've discovered the joys of embedding files from, so here you go. Now I can upload a whole bunch of silly vids without crashing the poor, much-beleaguered (is that an appropriate word?) February-Rains.

1. Chelsea Movie-Making

This was just too stupid. This is what happens when this particular group of girls comes together. I know, I look like Cousin It from the Adam's Family. And yes, that hand signal was meant to be what Russell Peters calls the Italian "What the F*ck" gesture.

What essentially happened here was that we were sitting around drinking our Christmas presents from Vicki. I honestly believe that all of us were sober in a bio-chemical sense. Ok, Qiong's state after all 3ml of vodka might have been questionable. But I've never not been rather insane when I was with these girls (grad-night - oh my word, I apologise for bursting into the hotel room at 6am in the morning laughing hysterically; I still don't know what got into me).

Anyhow, some of us *significant look* thought it would be really fun to film a pilot episode of some madcap cartoon, which involved a suicidal Penguin being rescued from certain death (jumping off a Poster carton which contained a Willy Wonka poster) by a fuzzy dog with a Christmas stocking sewed to his mouth. For the most part, I was sitting in my happy corner cringing, or trying to suffocate myself under the blanket, or waving the WTF gesture at the rest of them.

By the way, the Penguin and the Pooch you see there were my Christmas presents for Ningz and Tzo respectively. Bad idea, evidently.

I don't suppose anyone but the people who were there would actually understand the video - this one is simply significant for the fact that Qiong actually uttered the grossly incoherent phrase "WE'RE GETTING HIGH ON WONKA", and then tried to deny ever saying it. Remember folks, you heard it here.


2. The Little Drummer Boy

The next night at Kenneth's legendary alcoholess Christmas Party. You'll hear me trying VERY hard not to laugh and eventually sounding like a deranged monkey. I apologise that our hysterical laughter drowned out most of the good bits (parapumpumpum), but you get the idea.


3. The Teething Dinos

This is really what we did at the American Museaum of Natural History. Of course we did the proper things like going through the bones and the taxidermy (Vicki: "Taxeedermeeeee *drool*"), but really, we had a lot more fun tearing up the gift shop. The last bits are rather embarrassing.

Of COURSE we didn't buy anything. smile


4. Reunion

This was actually one of the earliest vids, but I'm too tired to do this chronologically. This is Vicki and Qiong reuniting after 4 years. All together now...



5. Mitsubishi & Kwasha

I've only really got a good video of Mitsubishi - whom even by mine and Qiong's standards, is a rather gay half-past-six figure skater. I mean gay in a very non-homophobic sense. Here you see him terrorizing the Rockerfeller centre with his half-baked waltz jumps and poncy poses. Seeing as we were standing in line to skate for 2 hours, he was pretty good entertainment. We call him Mitsubishi for no better reason than from afar he looked kinda Japanese. And somehow names like Hyundai, Takashimaya or Yamashita (yeah, the General) didn't work, in my mind.

Kwasha was worse. You'll see him flitting in and out of the screen in his white and orange hockey jersey. We call him Kwasha because for better or worse, that was the name on the back of the jersey. He was psychotic. He'd skate, try to do balletic looking three-turns (the figure skating terminology is for my own enjoyment) on hockey skates, and then do a jerky backward snow-plough stop, stick out a foot, point his two fingers down and mouth "woo!". I will give personal demonstrations if you ask. He must have thought he looked cool because he did it over and over and over and over... and it was in such bad taste it wasn't even funny.


6. Under the Boardwalk

This is the last one I'm going to put up tonight. It's just for you, Gerri. Coz Qiong said you'd like it. It's good stuff.

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