Monday, 30th January '06

How Do You Go from This to \\THIS\\?

Something tells me that blogging an impossibly soppy song like this will not do wonders for my reputation, but anyway.

So I was walking home after 2 gruelling hours of Family Law on a Monday morning - 初二, no less *frown* - and listening to this song as covered by Clay Aiken. And I began to wonder how much knowing the Family Law can turn you into a real big cynic. I'm pretty sure that at the time the fella was popping the relevant questions, he didn't quite have, for example, the division of matrimonial assets at the back of his mind. Now you know what this morning's seminar was all about.

And when, presumably, he asks the next question ("Darling, shall we have a baby?") and she says "yes", I don't think any of them would have thought about how wildly unpredictable custody battles are, the problems of potential parental relocation etc etc.

Obviously, I'm not much of a romantic. sleepy But lest you Smubs start freaking out that none of you can get married until Dajie does, it doesn't mean I'm not going to say "yes" at some point. It's just one of those things the TFYE people used to call my "academic exercises".

It's still a sweet song, though. One of those things that you still think would be nice if it happened to you... all pretty and fairytale-like. Pity all these Chinese boys are so humji (Chinese dialect for "no balls"). Haha. I know Limin and Qiong will back me up on this.

And Lucas, I know you're going to have something indignant to say about how girls always put the burden on the boys to do all the work and bear all the risks of rejection, and we have no right to call you humji... I don't really have an answer to that except to say that since we carry the blasted babies for 9 months apiece, you guys can compensate in some other little ways, can't you?

And She Said "Yes"
-- Rhett Atkins

He never had given much thought to dancing.
But she gave a lot of thought to being asked.
Well he'd never been good at coming right on out and asking,
And she never'd been given the chance.
But something moved him 'cross that old gym floor,
When fear was holding fast.
And to his surprise the words came at last:

And she said: "Yes," to his half-hearted request.
And they held on for dear life 'til the last song played.
They won't let go, it's beyond their control.
They lit a flame with a match God had made,
When she said: "Yes."

From that night on, the fire was burning,
And they sure did shine in its light.
And, he knew as long as this old world kept turning,
He wanted her by his side.
So with a ring and a nervous smile,
And some lines that he'd rehearsed,
He said the sweetest words that she'd ever heard:

And she said: "Yes," to his whole-hearted request.
And they'll hold on for dear life 'til the last stars fade.
No they won't let go, it's beyond their control.
They lit a flame with a match God had made,
When she said: "Yes."

They lit a flame with a match God had made,
When she said: "Yes."

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