Thursday, 2nd February '06

And a Very Happy Smubbie Chinese New Year to You Too!

Thanks Bert, for the blog post. It's great that you guys make that kind of effort to keep Dage Heng, Erge Dre, me and Sandi Luk (in order of seniority, just to be traditional) updated even when we're halfway around the globe. Thanks again.

Bert's photo, by the way - I guess you can tell the editing style is not quite me.

And some general New Year season remarks that I can now make upon receiving all those updates:

1. Yes, I've seen the countless photos and yes, JONAH IS DAMN CUTE. I have heard this repeated ad nauseum over the New Year season and heard the constant gushing from both his female AND male admirers. Yes, I would love to meet the adorable little fella, so stop rubbing it in that I haven't been there! plain

2. And yes, this is something like the 3rd Smubbie CNY celebration that I've missed. Somemore this year the party was on 初三. Grr. Ordinarily I would have made it.

3. Kai, R&B music is not real music. So there. And I miss you too.

4. This time last year (ok, 初二 to be precise) I was nursing a Lychee Martini bought with someone else's money, and watching Moren Tea Estate and Fat Skunks play in Thumper. Hmm. Totally random thought, but I kinda miss seeing friends of friends playing live music. It's fun to be affiliated with the rock stars, as it were.

5. Seeing as I collected my angpows on time last year, I was probably a good bit richer then than I am now.

6. Babs Cheng Limin is still psychotic.

7. Ahahahah, Bert, I want to hear about that chick who's after you...

8. Pay attention to this one, especially the 兄弟s; it's a CHEAP SHOT. If you look at the photo above, how many people went for the BBQ? Babs said SEVEN when I last spoke to her on the phone. I swear, I'm telling the truth. She can't count above SIX. It was the same number as last time (read: 2001). Some species just never learn. wink

Ok, I'm so sleepy I can't even think anymore. Shall go to bed. Maybe tomorrow I will build a snowman.

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6 photographs developed.


my sentiments exactly, enz! Haven't been to any 'smubbie' thing for ages...feel super left out. Thank bert for updates tho..oh, liked ur 8th point. Er, wait, for e benefit of babs, i'll say '6th point'! =p


the 6th point is appropriate too, funnily enough. rolls eyes


firstly i dunno why u say i'm psychotic!! i aint psychotic! just encouraging cool eh? big grin

make ONE small counting mistake and have it held against u for the rest of ur life.. *muttergrumblemutter* angry, grr


just '1'?? haha


luk... u already know she can't count. did u really expect her to get the no of her own mistakes right?


u are all evil! sad

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied