Monday, 6th February '06

Still No Topic for Entertainment Law

The worse part of writing a research paper is finding something to research in the first place. Sheesh. Bowie bonds look interesting (anyone from SMU - the Singapore Management University, I mean - got any helpful information for me?). So David Bowie made financing history by being the first artist to raise $55 million in capital by selling securities to Prudential Insurance backed on royalties from his 25 albums. And a whole bunch of aging rock stars followed. But there's precious little about it in the way of ISSUES. So I know how they work... then what? confused

I could always fall back on something nice and perpetually controversial... like the merits of censoring rock music versus the freedom of expression. But that's been so done. I can't see myself coming up with anything particularly insightful. It also sounds like a rehash of the old IPW project in RJC... where I took some perverse pleasure in shocking my poor conservative auntie-type supervisor with a presentation of the finer screaming portions of Eminem's "Kim" and some Marilyn Manson / Nine Inch Nails lyrics. That was too easy to do in Singapore - I doubt the gimmick would work here.

Or I could do something about Reality TV and the Intellectual Property problems of patenting something that isn't a script or a song. But I know shit about IP Law (yes, that's what the research is for, I realise). Actually this could be rather a good thing to do. Hmm. Shall think more on it. Can you patent a format? Could Freemantle Media (Pop Idol / American Idol creators) sue Channel U for the Project Superstar thing? But the whole idea of "Talentime" has been around for ages anyhow. Folks, we may have a winner - just that there is painfully little in terms of articles written on this.

Yeah. More lamenting. I will probably be a lot less grumpy once I get this out of the way.

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