Wednesday, 8th February '06

Pattinaggio di Figura

Ok. That's it for my limited Italian. Very limited. The only other Italian word I know is "fromaggio".

THE TORINO GAMES ARE ALMOST HERE!!! Ahahaha... finally. This was half the reason I came to Canada in the first place. WINTER SPORTS. Having gone snowboarding last Friday and having come home fulfilled, happy, wet and in pain (much like how I used to come home from skating sessions), the whole Olympic anticipation is building up at a healthy pace.

Here are some assorted skating-related thoughts. Explanations for everyone else in brackets:
- May Jeff Buttle kick Evgeny Plushenko's faggoty butt. (Jeff Buttle being the only real Canadian hope for a medal in this Games and Evgeny being the faggoty Russian nemesis of the awesom Alexei Yagudin. Plushenko just gives male skaters a bad name.)
- Timothy Goebel!!!! *wails* WHAT HAPPENED TO MY QUAD KING?! (Goebel being the 2002 Salt Lack City Games Bronze Medalist, right after Yagudin and Plushenko. He landed 2 quad Salchows and a quad toe-loop, being the first man to land 3 quads in competition. He was a favourite lead the US Men's team to Torino until he bombed the Nationals, bloody hell.)
- I still see nothing that great about Michelle Kwan. Bring on Sasha Cohen, please.
- Johnny Weir is another faggoty one. This is going to be a chilling year for the Men's... all the real athletes are gone (Yagudin and Goebel, prominantly) and we're left with the pouncy, flouncy, sequiny, lace and ruffles guys like Plushenko and Weir. Eek.
- I still know nothing about Slutskaya. (Russian Ladies' Silver Medalist in Salt Lake City, touted to be the Gold contender for Torino.)

AND, I discoverd the (OMGOMGOMGOMG!!)NBC Olympics Site! HAPPINESS. I don't know how it is that I've only discovered this NOW, but it's such a gem. So here are my best links as a good lead up to the 2006 Games.

1998 Nagano

Lipinski's Free Skate
Aww. The little darling. A classic as far as i'm concerned. She's so small it's kinda scary. And it seems like she's the only person in the world to ever rotate faster than Tim Goebel.

2002 Salt Lake City

Sale & Pelletier
I don't usually like pairs much, but this was such a controversial scandal I had to watch it. And it was magic. AND THEY'RE COMING TO HALIFAXXXXX!!! I get to see them LIVE. HA!

Hughes' Short
Took me this long to realise she was a goofy skater... if that's the proper word. Nice, but she has damn weird-looking spirals.

Sasha Cohen's Short
Very clean. A nice opener, I guess. For what it's worth I think she has nicer lines than Hughes and Kwan.

Sasha Cohen's Free Skate
I like that she choreos her own programmes... I'd give her so much more for presentation than Hughes, actually, but yeah, she loses on technicality.

Sarah Hughes
A fantastic array of triples, but I didn't always feel a lot from her. But she deserved the Gold, even if to somoe extent I feel it was attained by sheer brute force. Like I didn't like her artistics and her lines, but you REALLY can't deny a Gold to someone with 7 triples.

But enough with the women. Let's get to the real deal. Took a damn lot of searching to find these, so give me some Men's.

Yagudin's Short
First man to land a quad-triple combination in competition!! *bouncebouncebounce*

Plushenko's Short
No quad toe - triple toe for him.

Goebel's Short
Quad sal - triple toe. 'Nuff said. Absolutely droolworthy, this guy.

Evgeny, *snort*
Granted this was a good skate, he does have a lot of fire artistically. But he just gets on my nerves. And he's an arrogant prick. This is the free skate to Carmen.

Goebel's Quad-King Free Skate
This one is really my favourite of all, the American in Paris program... the commentators are so enthusiastic they make you want to jump out of your chair in excitement. The MUST WATCH free skate of 2002. And for a guy he's got a really good sit spin. Needless to say, the quads are EXQUISITE. He loses on the artistics and doesn't have Yagudin's stability, but they're right when they call him "ultra-athletic". The last triple-toe had a crazy hard entry too. It's people like him and Boitano who enable one to argue that not all male skater's are pansies. And how could you not love the smile...

Yagudin, of course
A conservative free skate, but still damn well impeccable. Quad toe - triple toe - double loop combination also a sight to behold. This one was really all about the artistics... there's something about the way he sits on the music that the rest don't get. That's where I think the 4 6.0s came from. Good intensity and without a doubt the best lines (and choreo) of all. Watch the flying camel - forward sit - jump to back sit spin combi. Nice.

So onwards to Torino.

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woo! procrastination material!


yeah! it gave me a whole afternoon and evening off! i may have stretched it a bit and watched goebel and yagudin's free skates about 7 times each...

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